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I can just imagine the number of people who read that heading and assumed I was talking about them.

But, as it happens, I’m talking about this from Perez Hilton’s blog:

That yucky Austrian saga of Josef Fritzl, the man who held his daughter prisoner in a basement cell for 24-years and fathered seven of her children, is being turned into a play.


A Vienna, Austria-based theater will stage the ‘satiric soap opera’ called Fritzl’s Bed and Breakfast starting February 23rd.

According to reports, the production’s director is Hubsi Kramar, a well-known Austrian standup comedian who caused a stir when he tried to attend Vienna’s Opera Ball dressed as Adolf Hitler.

That’s a play we definitely don’t want to see!

There are some seriously sick people out there, and I’m not just talking about that evil bastard, Joseph Fritzl.

Thanks to Katiebabs via AL for the heads up.


  • When I saw this, I wanted to throw up. SICK!


  • the freak turning it into a play needs to slapped. hard. and often.

    As does any person that participates in the travesty.

    There was NOTHING at all humorous or satirical about what that bastard did to his daughter. Trying to play it off as otherwise is just plain vile.


  • I’m all for free speech but this will just further victimize that poor family. How horrific to see your life tragedy turned into a “satiric soap opera!” Yeah. Real funny. What an asshat!


  • West
    January 15
    5:47 pm

    I never thought I’d find myself interested in anything Perez Hilton had to say, but fuck if I don’t agree with him. This is truly disgusting. As Lolita pointed out, there is such a thing as free speech, but where the hell is the common decency?


  • Michelle
    January 15
    10:40 pm

    Jesus, just Jesus. Not just the content of the article, but it’s also an involuntary reaction when I contemplate Perez Hilton.


  • @ Michelle

    Well, at least for once, Perez Hilton’s comments actually made sense. What makes the producer think this is going to be a successful venture? Sure, there are a few people out there sick enough who would want to see something like this, but are there enough for them to generate a profit? For the sake of humanity and its soul, I certainly hope not.


  • Michelle
    January 16
    9:20 am

    I think Perez was just smart enough to state the obvious opinion. He’s a suckass that way.

    I don’t think it’ll be profitable, but there will be certain people who’ll be interested in it in the same way people watch John Waters films to see Divine eat dog poo — they wallow in tackiness.

    (And I’m a Waters fans, just saying people don’t differentiate.)


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