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Let me take this opportunity to thank all the people who donated stuff for this auction, without you guys, it wouldn’t have been possible, so a heartfelt thanks from myself, Emma Petersen, and Roslyn Holcomb.

The fund-raising auction for Sharon Cullars starts today, so for your chance to purchase some great print and e-books, ARCS, agent, author and editor critiques, advertising banners etc, please click onto Sharon’s Fund-raising site.

If you’d prefer to make a contribution without purchasing an item, you can do so by clicking here.

To learn more about Sharon’s story, please click here.

I’d love for you guys to help spread the word, so I would be REALLY grateful if you could copy and paste this message onto your blogs. The more people click on, the more money we’ll hopefully raise.

Thank you Romanceland, thank you so very much.

Now go and buy, buy, buy!!

Ivanhine, over at Ann Somerville’s blog.

Ivanhine starts:

I am pretty much an outsider and an occasional reader of DA. I don’t belong to, nor am I represented by any publishers involved in any of the discussions to which you took part. In fact, the only somewhat direct contact I have is that my epublisher got a positive review from you at Uniquely Pleasurable a short time back for another author’s work (not mine.) I don’t know your work very well, except for what is put out on the net, but there is a long history of comments, blog posts, and self-disclosures here from which any casual observer can draw a conclusion. And here is what I see, for what it is worth, and you can take it or leave it.

If you want to read any more, you have to wonder over there, because I simply don’t have time to post excerpts right now.

I have to tell you though, this was my favourite bit from the rather long, but wonderfully articulate comment:

Didn’t you understand that you can’t shit in the same place you eat?

Methinks the answer to that is a resounding, no.

Edited to add:
Apparently AS deleted the relevant post, so the links will be broken. Shame, because Ivanhine’s comments were rather splendid.