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Ivanhine, over at Ann Somerville’s blog.

Ivanhine starts:

I am pretty much an outsider and an occasional reader of DA. I don’t belong to, nor am I represented by any publishers involved in any of the discussions to which you took part. In fact, the only somewhat direct contact I have is that my epublisher got a positive review from you at Uniquely Pleasurable a short time back for another author’s work (not mine.) I don’t know your work very well, except for what is put out on the net, but there is a long history of comments, blog posts, and self-disclosures here from which any casual observer can draw a conclusion. And here is what I see, for what it is worth, and you can take it or leave it.

If you want to read any more, you have to wonder over there, because I simply don’t have time to post excerpts right now.

I have to tell you though, this was my favourite bit from the rather long, but wonderfully articulate comment:

Didn’t you understand that you can’t shit in the same place you eat?

Methinks the answer to that is a resounding, no.

Edited to add:
Apparently AS deleted the relevant post, so the links will be broken. Shame, because Ivanhine’s comments were rather splendid.


  • Jo
    January 19
    11:32 am

    You know, I remember a few months back (maybe longer than that now), I called AS a tool here on your blog, and got jumped on by about a dozen people (I don’t think you, K) for doing it.

    While I’m thrilled the world seems to have caught up, I’m wondering why I tend to sense douchebaggery so much earlier than everyone else. (And yes, it does happen a lot)


  • I’m a romance reader/blogger only, and not connected in any way, so I can’t speak to any particular situation, but I agree that the internet is no place to try to resolve workplace issues.

    I have noticed that in the romance blogland, there is a lack of professionalism among those who, in fact, are professionals (editors, authors), and I think it’s bad for the genre (it confirms people;s suspicion that romance is a hobby, that romance writers are not real authors, and that romance novels are dime store trash), and especially bad for those subgenres which are marginal but trying to get more mainstream.

    It’s the kerfuffles that make me glad so few romance readers are actually on our blogs.


  • Aww, I wish, this time you had been ‘arsed’ Karen. lol. Anne took down the series of posts she had up on Jan 15 (including Jane’s email to her) but on Google cache everything is forever….

    Anne was obviously a very talented, articulate, smart woman, but I believe she was her own worse enemy.


  • Emmy
    January 19
    12:51 pm

    The posts are locked again?

    But…but…what happened to standing up for what’s right and being the lone voice of reason in the darkness?


  • Anne was obviously a very talented, articulate, smart woman, but I believe she was her own worse enemy.

    I believe that sums it up perfectly. It’s a shame that this type of thing happens with some regularity, though not just in Romancelandia (this one is a real doozie).

    I can certainly identify with the urge to indulge in some serious hissy fits – I mean, let’s face it; I’m a writer, by nature an overly-emotional and highly sensitive person. I don’t dare stereotype ALL writers as such, but many are.

    Add to that the sense of anonymity the Internet provides (and the balls people grow when looking at a screen and not a person) and it can be tempting.

    BUT, the important thing is to stop and acknowledge the pseudo-balls. Ask, “would I say this to my boss? To a co-worker? IN a work environment? Or even to anybody’s face? If so, can I handle the consequences of doing it?” If not, for the love of god, don’t hit the “submit” button.

    Some grievances should be aired – the NCP authors taking it up the ass, for instance – but others…well, you just have to draw that line.



  • I think Ann is a victim of the “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” lie some people tell themselves. Of course there’s such a thing as bad publicity and though I think she’s a gifted writer, and a smart woman, she just…didn’t know when to stop. And now she’s deleted all those posts as if it’ll help and as if people won’t remember the awful, awful things she’s said in them.

    I don’t know. It’s mostly sad to me. I liked Ann sometimes, and agreed with her base points sometimes. I just didn’t like or agree with how she presented those points. She could have had a hell of a career ahead of her, with the talent she has, but now…I think she’s pretty much killed her chances completely. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am. 🙁


  • She hasn’t deleted them. She’s made them private. Not sure if that means the discussions on them are still going, but if they are, it’s by invitation only…


  • Emmy
    January 19
    8:51 pm

    LOLZ Kirsten. That has to be a pretty short discussion then, since 90% of her problem is her intolerance for anyone with an opinion that fails to coincide with her world view…

    Not a bad idea though. Imma surround myself with yes men too *g*


  • sallahdog
    January 19
    10:14 pm

    I posted to her right after ivanhine, pretty much saying the same thing and pointing out that she puts people on pedestals and then is surprised when they don’t live up to her level of “perfection”…. Also pointed out that KS,Mrs G, DA, are NOT authors, they don’t have the same level of scrutiny… Maybe unfair, but true…

    she threatened to “ban” me, which I thought was funny as hell since she was bleating about being “banned” from DA… heheh… hoisted by her own petard…

    She thinks I am a troll… pulease… shit stirrer maybe, but NEVER a troll… I remember getting chewed on her once on DA for saying that I didn’t think what TAbke with the street teams did was worthy of being drawn and quartered.. She is amazingly abrasive and yet overly sensitive all at the same time… which is not a good combination… Me… I could give a shite what people say about me.. or if people don’t agree… hell, its more fun when they don’t…


  • It isn’t just deleted posts and verboten posts that make my antennae shiver, no matter who the blog or site owner is, it’s the fact that many people of the same mindset also assiduously track posters via their IP addies. And I mean track because of some paranoid or vindictive streak.

    I suppose I’d do such things if I were threatened or had a stalker on my ass, but to do them “just because” is incomprehensible…to the point of downright creepy.


  • I read everything and have it all saved. I started hearing that creepy screeching violin music from psycho when she accused me of “suddenly launched a vicious, sexist and homophobic attack on me”.

    Now hold on, who is the gay guy here? HOW DOES THAT WORK?


  • All I can figure is if you disagree with her even slightly she considers that an attack. I bet her poor editor had a ball dealing with that.


  • Don’t feel too alone, Teddypig, AS insinuated I’m a petty bigot over at my own blog because during the pres. campaign I dared question some things Obama has done in the past. (Showing her ignorance there considering my mother was born of a bi-racial marriage and sorry, but growing up I wasn’t taught to see people in colors.) I feel she must look at people as either right or wrong, and there’s no room for disagreement to or questioning of her opinions.


  • lvanhine
    January 21
    11:17 pm

    Oh my. When Teddypig linked to your blog was when I found out that someone had taken note of my letter to Ann. I spoke up, as I said, because I had no personal grievances with Ann Somerville, nor any history – except if one counts having read the increasingly hostile diatribes toward an increasing number of romance authors, particularly those in the M/M subgenre. Someone had to say something. All I got for my trouble was an accusation back that I am an alias of one of her many enemies. I only wish that she had taken some of the criticism to heart, which I very much doubt.


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  • West
    January 23
    5:14 am

    TPig= Thanks for posting this. It was illuminating, not to mention fun to finally look at your blog.

    And Karen- are we really surprised she took them down?


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