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This week’s dilemma is as follows:

You work in a bank. You’ve been a loyal employee for over ten years, and you were finally made manager two years ago. You like your job, and you’re well treated. You are of course privvy to all the access codes for the safes etc.

You’re walking along one day when a black van pulls up to you, and suddenly you are blind-folded, and quickly thrown into the van.

The men are robbers, and they want to stage a heist at your bank. They torture you into giving up the access codes. They also demand that you help them stage the robbery, by sabotaging things at the bank.

The men (of course they’re men, aren’t they always?) tell you that they know where you live, and if you want them to leave your three children and wife unharmed, you will do as they say, and if you go to the police, your family is good as dead.

They eventually throw you out of the van, with their vile threats echoing in your ear.

What do you do? Do you go to the police, knowing that you will be putting yourself and your family at risk, or do you do as they say, because no amount of money is worth the loss of any of your loved ones?

Waddaya do?


  • Emmy
    January 23
    9:36 am

    I’d prolly send my bratling to my grandparents in Italy so his cousins could protect him. We’re not Cosa Nostra or anything, but good luck getting through my family to my kid.

    Once he was there safely, I’d go to the FBI.


  • Well, in this case, I’d probably go to the police. But that’s because I don’t think that criminals who blackmail you and who you have a lot of dirt on would really respect a bargain. They’d go after my family anyway.


  • Marianne McA
    January 23
    12:54 pm

    My dh used to work in a bank way, way back. My impression is that the bank had a policy on this – and if your family had been taken hostage, you were told to go along with the robbers.
    (In the case you give, however, where the family isn’t at that moment hostage, I’d trust the police to do their job.)


  • I’d go to the police if my family hadn’t been taken hostage already. People who’d make threats to children can’t be trusted anyway, so the way I see, my best chance for my family’s safety is going to the cops.

    If they already had my family, I’d do what they said in hopes of the best. And I’d pray. A lot.


  • Las
    January 23
    2:01 pm

    I’d do whatever the robbers asked, especially if there’s an immediate danger, and then I’d call the police.


  • I’d think one would have to tell the police for this reality: if the armed robbers would do this heinous thing they aren’t above carrying out violence to your family anyway. Also, they sure aren’t going to think twice about playing out the same scenario again. And who knows who might end up the hostage then – a friend, family member, a child’s teacher, ect. You can’t take the chance. The FBI is a good place to go with information about such things, and if you are really afraid for your family there’s the witness protection program.

    BTW, while Italy is a great place to hide out if you’re native or native-born, arrive with an American accent and you stick out like a sore thumb LOL.


  • If the bad guys already have my family then I would go to the police, who, I am sure, will set it up to look as if I am doing what the bad guys want. ( by letting me do what the bad guys told me to do, all the while, the cops are there, waiting.)

    If my family is safe then I would still go to the police and follow whatever they think I should do.


  • Anon76
    January 23
    7:46 pm

    I’d go to the FBI big time, because often they already have the perp group on file but can’t nail them with what they have so far.

    I say this only because I worked at a bank and lived through a before hours robbery. A hyper robber jumping out to shove a gun in my face, handcuffed to a water pipe thing as they stole the money and the other woman’s car, yada yada.

    If a group is so organized that they grab you off the street, they are def on someone’s radar.

    Of course, then I would ship all my family elsewhere for the time being, insisting on government protection or no cooperation on my part.


  • The thing is, a person in the grip of fear won’t be thinking clearly–which is exactly what the villains would be counting on, right?

    But as has been said, your family is already in danger, and going along with the bad guys doesn’t guarantee their safety in any way–not for the short term, and definitely not for the long term.

    So finding a way to contact the FBI would be priority, I think.


  • Louise van Hine
    January 24
    4:06 am

    sing like a canary to the cops.


  • katieM
    January 24
    10:11 pm

    I’d tell the cops right away. I’d go to the police whether they had my family or not. If they had my family, then they would kill them rather than let there be witnesses that could identify them. If my family were still free, then the best chance of them remaining safe would be the cops.


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