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So I decided to add a few of my books to the Sharon Cullars E-bay auction:

Dorothy Koomson Stand-alones (more…)

Or Escrava Isaura, as it was known in Brazil in 1976.

It was surely the most melodramatic programme ever, but I loved it, and watched it religiously on Channel 4 during the eighties.

Set in Brazil during the 1880s, the show is about a light skinned slave called Isaura, who is brought up by plantation owners.

The owner and his wife talk about freeing Isaura, but the owner dies before they make it official, and Isaura ends up in the hands of their cruel nephew Leonicio.

Leonicio wants Isaura for himself, and refuses to free her.

Isaura eventually falls in love with some bloke called Tobias, but Leonicio’s jealousy keeps them apart.

So, anybody familiar with this series?