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The Romantic In Me…

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Posted in: The Obamas


…Loves this photo.

Stolen from JMC’s blog.


  • Emmy
    January 28
    10:27 am

    ZOMG! Obama just head-butted his wife!


  • When I saw this photo on Huffington Post, I immediately sent Jaci to look at it and then saved it to my computer to use as my photo of the week on Friday. I love the emotion of this picture.


  • I love all the pictures they’re in together. I sent the link for the slideshow series of pictures (including this one) to a bunch of friends/family and specifically said I LOVED this pic. I’ve also saved the link to the video of them dancing to AT LAST sung by Beyonce They’re just adore each, don’t they? *sigh*


  • I love that she’s wearing his jacket. It’s both a sweet and sexy gesture when your man lends you his jacket.


  • M E 2
    January 28
    3:04 pm

    I’d love the picture more if she had made any attempt to lean in toward him. (as well)


  • Oh man, yes!

    Count me as someone else who saved this to her hard drive.


  • Awwww – that is fab. Yes. Yes.


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