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Here’s this week’s dilemma:(Note: It’s a little morbid this week, and probably wont go well with your cornflakes.)

You have two children, a little girl, called Charlotte who you adopted from birth, and a little boy called Adam, who came from your loins.

One day, you’re taking both kids to school, when all three of you are knocked unconscious, and bundled into a van.

When you come to, it is to find your two children standing in front of you.

The men who kidnapped you, had been working on some dodgy deals with your husband, but he double-crossed them, and now the head honcho is out for revenge.

He tells you that one of your kids must die, and that you have to choose which one it will be. If you don’t choose, he will kill both of them.

What do you do? Who do you choose to save? Your child by birth, or your child by choice?

Yeah, it’s a real doozy.

What do you do?

I should be off doing stuff-there’s a long list of stuff I ought to have done already, in fact. Instead, I’m here pondering the absolute assholeishness of humanity as a whole.

Why, you ask, did something particularly heinous happened to make you focus on this particular topic?

Not any one thing, really, it’s just the utter deluge of idiocy, narrow-mindedness and absolutely out of proportion overreacting that so many indulge in.

Let me give you a couple of recent examples: