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I should be off doing stuff-there’s a long list of stuff I ought to have done already, in fact. Instead, I’m here pondering the absolute assholeishness of humanity as a whole.

Why, you ask, did something particularly heinous happened to make you focus on this particular topic?

Not any one thing, really, it’s just the utter deluge of idiocy, narrow-mindedness and absolutely out of proportion overreacting that so many indulge in.

Let me give you a couple of recent examples:

Last week, Kerry Allen posted about a truly mind boggling (if you have any respect and common sense-two qualities sadly missing from the majority of the gene pool, as far as I’ve seen in my 43 years on this poor abused planet) article about censorship at an elderly residents community. While saddened by the story, my real shock came when I read this comment by Kimber An:

Well, you know, as long as the majority of the other reading residents are okay with this, the rest of the world ought to respect it. It’s really none of our business and nothing personal. Not everyone has the same standards as we do. We can love and respect each other anyway. 😉

As for the Women’s Shelter, I’m so glad they keep everything. I really think a good romance novel, graphic nookie and all, can go a long to boost a woman’s self-esteem and belief that she *deserves* kindness and respect and that *true love* doesn’t treat you like crap. 😀

Excuse me, but… wha….?

Then she clarifies:

If the majority of the seniors approve of the censorship, they are not oppressed and their choice is none of our business.

Respect- 1) To hold in high regard, to show courtesy and honor to, 2) To show consideration for, to avoid intruding upon. 😉

To repeat myself: wha…?

Well, then, I guess if the majority of people are all for killing off minorities, we should “respect” that-and not consider those soon-to-be-extinct minorities oppressed, right?

Larissa Ione blogged about a fifteen year old kid who, sometime a bit over a year ago, started a club for people who don’t want to curse, and how this kid is getting death threats-yes, you read right, death threats-for starting a club.

To be crystal clear, club = voluntary membership. Hello, idiots of the world! Which part of “voluntary” is so hard to understand? How does a kid-or a million people-deciding not to curse affect your or my ability to use the foulest language we can come up with every time we want to?

It doesn’t-and so I rest my case. People are, by and large, absolute assholes.


  • Um, if the majority aren’t being oppressed then it stands to reason that the minority are. So someone’s being oppressed and that’s not cool. The administrator of that retirement community is an idiot. By not providing those residents with the books they want, she is offending their intelligence and freedom of choice. If the other folks don’t want to read romance novels or whatever, they don’t have to check them out. These are all adults. Not children who *might* need protecting from unsuitable topics.

    As to books in women’s shelters, I’ve got mixed feelings. Something like, say, The Flame and the Flower by Woodiwiss might not be the best novel for a woman struggling with gaining her independence from an abusive relationship. Reading about a young girl falling in love with her rapist probably isn’t the best subject for someone emerging from that kind of abusive nightmare, you know? Then again, maybe not. Maybe books with those story lines could be labeled clearly? That way a woman could exercise her choice before cracking open the book and reading a scene which might upset her?


  • That Kimber An has a few screws missing.

    The voting station for elections in my area is at a seniors home in the library. The shelves are near busting, and most of them are harlequins! I was tickled pink when I saw that.


  • The decision not to curse is not the same as attempting to force everyone else to tow that same line. Its like one’s choice in religion and politics.


  • I can’t even picture my grandmother without a romance novel in her hands. She died in September at age 99 in a nursing home, and although arthritis prevented her from holding a book in her last years, she still liked to watch sexy shows on TV and she spent a lot of time in romantic daydreams.

    She was unabashedly fond of heat in her books–her ratings on the inside cover always seemed to get higher the kinkier the sex was. 😀 She was a career woman, a mother, a wife and a romance reader. And my parents would have kicked and screamed and eventually moved her somewhere else if the nursing home had ever dared to dictate what she could and could not read or watch.


  • West
    January 30
    6:11 pm

    Censorship just pisses me off. If you don’t like the book, then don’t read the damn book. But you don’t have the right to make that choice for anyone else. Censorship is wrong, and there are, in fact, laws against it. I don’t care if 99% of the residents there don’t like the books and don’t want them in the home. As long as there is one person who does, that person is entitled to those books.

    People really are fucktards.


  • Anon76
    January 30
    7:03 pm

    You know, that whole thing just sucks.

    I recieved a number of old harlequins from my husbands grandma long ago. The ladies would pass the books they bought around to their little circle, and each would include a notation in the group’s own code on the front section of the book.

    If one deemed it spicey, the rest could make the decision to read it or not based on the notation. Too much cussing, same thing.

    But never, ever, EVER, was the book NOT passed on, which gave the next reader the option to decide by skimming and what not.

    I call elder abuse on this one. Such abuse is not only limited to the physical manisfestations, but mental as well.


  • I think what irritated me the most was that her posts were splattered with fucking smileys.

    People who make stupid-assed ignorant comments should never be allowed to use smileys to temper their posts. Ever.


  • Anon76
    January 30
    7:23 pm

    Hey, Karen

    Dontcha know that is how people who know they are posting crap smooth it over. Smile Smile Smile Kiss Kiss Kiss


  • I agree that censorship sucks. I made a comment on that thread about how my local used book store sometimes throws out erotic romance and erotica. I hate that they’re taking my choices away. Lame!

    But I don’t agree that the majority of people in the world are assholes. (insert annoying smiley here)


  • The smile-wink sandwich wrapped around absolutely mindboggling bullshit reminded me way too much of Sarah Palin, so I ran away screaming.

    That, and I’ve been watching a lot of cheery stuff on the History Channel lately, and my initial reaction was “Oh, I guess those French peasants, slaves, Native Americans, and Jews WANTED their lot in life because they allowed it to happen,” which I thought was possibly, perhaps, maybe a little teeny bit of an overreaction, considering the topic at hand.

    But, you know, PALIN. O_<


  • Mark my words Kerry, You will be seeing Sarah Palin using that new PAC she just created to fund her destined presidential bid. She really is that determined and stupid.

    We can only hope the Republicans actually back her again.


  • Lorraine
    January 31
    3:11 am

    When will people understand that intolerance only leads to more of the same? Whether it’s reading material, gay marriage, atheism, whatever, so long as nobody’s getting hurt, WHO CARES????

    I’m a person of incredibly strong opinion, but still, who am I to tell anyone they have to think like me or believe like me? Nor do I want anyone telling me what I can or can’t read, who I can marry or what I can believe. I say live and let live.


  • dew
    January 31
    7:56 am

    My southern grandma read sappy sweet romances that didn’t need hiding, but my northern grandma read murder mysteries: “the gorier the better”, heh heh. I think she hid some of her books before we visited though, so maybe mysteries weren’t all she read. I remember my northern grandma telling me a story about some guy she saw a few times a week doing her daily whatevers, and she had LUST in her eye! I was in my teens, so naturally I was squicked out, but now I think it was cool.

    I was doing a visit on a really, REALLY old patient at a home, and after I was done, I told him that I’d seen a bunch of the ladies dressed up in the lobby (it was Halloween). That old man hobbled to his scooter to go check out the ladies in their costumes. He might have been old, but he was very healthy for his age, and I bet he was flirting a lot after I left, woot!

    One of my favorite movie scenes is when was in Roxanne, when Steve Martin’s character told the older ladies about the horny aliens wanting to get lucky with older ladies, afterwards the ladies hurried off to the supposed alien location, just in case. I’m going to watch that again.

    When I’m old, I’m going to smuggle in racy books and form an underground book club if I’m ever in a censored old folks home. I’ll give you my racy book when you take it from my cold, dead hands (with a smile on my face)!


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