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I’d just like to extend a heart-felt final thanks to everybody who participated in the Sharon Cullars fund-raiser. From those who donated money, books, and time, to those who posted the information on their blogs, I was really blown away by the great response from all of you.

We managed to raise just over $5000 in just a month for Sharon, which is truly amazing.

You guys really do rock all kinds of wonderful.

A special shout-out to Crystal Hubbard, who not only donated generously, but went above and beyond by organising door to door sales of kettlecorn to raise even more money for Sharon. What made this even more incredible was that she herself had been battling cancer. Crystal Hubbard, here at KKB, we salute you.

Another special shout-out to Alison Kent, who not only donated some fab books for the auction, but was instrumental in helping with the set-up of the auction site. Thanks muchly Alison.

I’d like to also say thanks to a certain Paperback Writer who donated $200 to the cause, despite probably being bombarded with requests all the time.

And a personal thanks from me to Dorothy Koomson, who after seeing that I’d parted with her fantabulous books, wrote to me, requesting my address, so that she could send me signed copies of the books that I’d donated. Too wonderful for words.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thanks to the ladies who put in so much work to make this happen, Roslyn Holcomb, and Emma Petersen, really put in the hours to try to help out a fellow author. You guys are simply wonderful.

There are obviously a lot more people to thank, and so a more comprehensive list can be found here.

Anyway, from ferrets, to Katrina, to diabetes, you Romanceland Babes really are the best at taking care of your own, and long may it continue.

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