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Dilemma Friday: For Richer Or Poorer?

Friday, February 27, 2009
Posted in: Dilemma of the week


This week’s dilemma is as follows:

There are two guys who are interested in you. Guy 1 (Let’s call him Peter is really hot. You and he have a lot in common, and he makes you laugh. He’s a really sweet guy, who describes himself as a lover, not a fighter. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have tuppence to rub together, and you know that if you go on a date with him, he’ll treat you like a queen, but you’ll probably be the one footing the bill. But he is supercute though, and you and him have great chemistry.

Guy 2 (Let’s call him Nathan) is also really hot, but he is slightly reserved, and he has a dry sense of humour that can be quite cutting at times. He’s generally a nice guy, but look out anybody who gets in his way. Nathan is a self-made millionaire, and wouldn’t think anything of flying the lady of his life to paris for the night. The chemistry between the both of you is superhot too, although it does take a lot to get him to forget about work. Sometimes you feel that business comes first with him, which frustrates you somewhat.

So, who do you choose? Poor Peter, or Rich Nathan?

confused-baby-2I’m not sure if this is a rant or just a musing.

Why is it that people driving cars and trucks—and the bigger the vehicle, the more prone the driver seems to be to this—feel the need to crowd the bike lane on the right hand side of the road?

It’s not that they are driving already on the right side of their lane, no—they swerve right as they come close to the lone bike rider dragging a loaded bike trailer in a four miles plus stretch of road.


And they swerve close enough so that I feel the push of the wind on my left side and have to compensate with the handlebars.


I mean, does it offend them that I’m riding the bike on their road—in a lane that is no more than 30 inches wide, by the way—instead of on the broken and bumpy sidewalk? Which, just an FYI? is not continuous the whole way; I would have to stop, get the bike and trailer down to the road, walk or ride for a few yards, stop, get the bike and trailer up to the sidewalk, ride a while… lather, rinse, repeat.

But really, why?

Or perhaps they don’t see me (despite it being the freaking middle of the freaking day—after twelve and before four in the afternoon, people, bright daylight)? And so, they suddenly realize that yes, that thing? It’s a person and “whoa, swerve left, don’t hit her! That was close!”?

Yeah, moron, it was close, thank you for noticing.

Anyway… if you drive a vehicle and see a bike rider around, try not to do that, okay? It’s not just annoying, it’s dangerous.

Oh, and while you are at it, perhaps you could answer the question: why?

Thank you.