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Angel’s Blood, by Nalini Singhangels-blood

I have read and enjoyed Ms Singh’s Psy/Changeling novels (listed below, with links to my reviews) very much indeed, because of her careful world building and characterization, as well as her writing voice. I was, however, a tad leery about her moving into urban fantasy—even knowing that she’ll continue writing Psy/Changeling novels—mostly because there was sooooo much buzz about Angel’s Blood. As Christine so aptly said, sometimes there is so much positive buzz about a book or a series, that I hesitate to actually read it, for fear of having build it up so much in my mind that the reality can’t possibly live up to the expectations.

I am quite happy to be proven wrong 😀

First novel in Ms Singh’s Guild Hunter series, Angel’s Blood introduces a wonderfully complicated world where vampires are made by angels, archangels rule, and gods don’t exist.

Or do they? (more…)