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Sitting On The Fence All The Time…

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Posted in: random ramblings


Must seriously chap one’s arse.

Sometimes it’s ok to say, yes I agree, or no, I don’t.

Why do some people find that so hard to do?

People who are reasonable all the times, sometimes make my teeth hurt as much as unreasonable people do.

Just sayin’.


  • Now be reasonable, Karen! Your teeth can’t HURT – they have no nerves. Only the gums. Geesh, woman! And if I hear one word of argument from you I’m going to soooo agree until you scream!

    😉 You have a nice day, pretty lady.


  • Hey, TC, whadaya mean teeth can’t hurt? Ever had a root canal, mister?


  • Sure have AL. And believe me the dammed gum still ached for days afterward.


  • Did I say something wrong?

    *feels guilt easily*


  • TP, how funny, that was my first reaction as well 😀


  • There are a few things I’m like that about. Abortion, and IUDs are one. My ex wanted me to get an IUD, and thought it was silly that I figured they’re basically comparable to (extremely early term) abortion–and that although I’m pro-choice, part of being pro-choice is having the freedom to say I personally don’t think I could abort a fetus or use an IUD. Used to infuriate him, because he thought I was being wishy-washy. “How can you be pro-choice and be against abortion??!!”

    He couldn’t quite understand that I was against abortion for me, and that I’m okay with other people feeling differently.

    Sorry to be so reasonable. Maybe Karen is going through Ann Somerville withdrawal…


  • Lorraine
    March 5
    4:43 am

    People often have so much of their identities invested in their beliefs that when someone disagrees it feels like a personal attack.

    Expressing a difference of opinion is only worthwhile to me if I’m talking to someone who isn’t dogmatic about their beliefs. If they are, what’s the point? It will only incite them and subject me to listening to a rant I probably don’t want to hear.


  • Wendy
    March 5
    8:55 am

    Just because I nod my head whilst you’re talking don’t assume I agree. I am probably thinking that you have a right to your opinion, even if it is chockful of fucknuttery.


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