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The Desert King, by Olivia Gatesthe-desert-king

The conclusion to Ms Gates’ Throne of Judar trilogy, The Desert King tells the story of Kamal, the youngest Aal Masood brother. While reading the first two novels is not indispensable to enjoying this one, I strongly recommend it, as it gives some background to the political pressures and maneuvers that push the protagonists together. (For the short version, read my review of the second title, The Desert Lord’s Bride, here.)

Basically, however, the peace of a rather large section of the Middle East hinges on a marriage of state between about-to-be-crowned Kamal and reluctant princess Aliyah. Getting these two married is not easy to begin with, what with this being the twenty-first century and all, but the situation is further complicated by the history between them. (more…)

She’s called Lisa Lampanelli, and she nearly made me cry from laughing so hard. Totally unPC, but funny as hell.

She also had Simon Cowell in stitches, look how hard he’s laughing.

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