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This week’s dilemma is as follows:

You’ve been working at the same company for more than ten years, and although the pay isn’t spectacular, you love it there. Lately though, there have been lots of rumours flying round that the company is in bad shape.  One day you get called into the boss’ office and she tells you that they will have to make people in certain departments redundant, unless they can make some substantial savings.  She tells you that your department is safe, but that some of your colleagues in other departments wont be so lucky.

The boss tells you that you can help save a colleague’s job by taking a pay cut.

What do you do?  You were barely managing on what you were getting paid before, and a reduction would make things that much tighter. Yet, you really don’t want to see people out of work.

Do you agree to the paycut, to help a work colleague, or do you put your family first, and refuse?