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Euthanasia: Are You For It Or Against It?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Posted in: Euthanasia


I was listening to my favourite radio station earlier, where they were discussing euthanasia, and the whole, ‘dying with dignity’ argument.

The specific case that they were looking at involved Dan James, an English rugby player, who became paralysed after an accident during a training session.

Dan had tried several times to kill himself, before finally asking his parents take him to a Swiss euthanasia clinic. Dan died in September 2008. (more…)


You are officially an asswipe.

Would it kill you to wait until the release day? You would still be making money out of something that cost you nothing, but at least you wouldn’t also be hurting the author.

May karma catch up with you.


Edited to add: Just in case some people out there wonder what the big deal is, allow me to tell you.

For authors, particularly midlist and debut or second book authors, the first couple of weeks after lay down/release date can make or break future deals–the sales numbers during that very short window determine, in a very real way, the future of many an author.