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Is there trouble at the Elloras Cave mill, I wonder?

I got this e-mail last night:

I’m surprised this isn’t out. EC was supposed to mail January royalty checks on Feb 25th, then an e-mail went out from management claiming that because they changed banks the checks were delayed. As of last Friday or so, they were still ‘working on sending out’ the Feb 25th checks. Authors are grumbling about it but nobody is saying anything to management that I know of.

I’m personally not saying anything because if you start asking questions you tend to end up on the ‘shit’ list.

Another author, one who has a huge following, …. is one of their highest sellers said she’s only been paid on time ONCE in the last twelve months and there is fear that something is seriously amiss in paradise, so to speak. I asked her what she thought was going on – poor fiscal management was the response. Now what that means is anybody’s guess, but I can say that I’m still waiting on my money.

I have no doubt that the authors will eventually get paid, but late payments would suggest that EC’s ship may not be as steady as it used to be.

Any anon authors out there willing to confirm or deny?

Thanks to you-know-who for the tip-off

(photo courtesy of Zimbio.com)


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