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I Got A Golden Ticket…

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Posted in: We're going to see The King


Funnily enough, TTG and I went to London for two nights a couple of weekends ago. It was a theatre break, and he’d booked us in to see Thriller, Live at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. This was my Valentine’s prezzie, and I have to say, the show was absolutely fabulous.

Anyway, a few days later, I saw Michael’s press conference, and it felt like fate.

Anyhoo, me and my siblings are fans, and we’d always agreed that we’d go and see him if he ever came to England again.

All four of us registered for the pre-sale tickets, and my brother was lucky enough to get a code to buy up to four tickets. When I texted my sister the good news on Wednesday, she sneaked away from her students to scream excitedly into my ear. She’s a massive, die-hard fan. *g*

So we’re going to see Michael next July.

Now, I know how these things work, pre-sale tickets are usually the worst seats, so I’m still planning to get up early on Friday 13th March (Happy birthday to me) to see if I can get some more tickets with better seating.

Hopefully by the time this posts, I’ll have managed to get the tickets.


  • Happy Birthday! Did you get them?


  • Emmy
    March 14
    11:41 am

    Not sure I’d be lining up to see the pedophile in action. Actually, I’m pretty sure I won’t be.


  • You’re so lucky! I saw a concert of the HIStory Tour. I’d love to get the chance to see him live again.

    Good luck with the seating.


  • Thanks Angie, no I didn’t manage to get them. The website crashed, the queue on the phone was over an hour, and by the time I managed to get back onto the site, the tickets for this year had sold out. Drat it.

    Emmy, I don’t believe he’s a pedophile.

    Seneca, his History tour didn’t really appeal to me, hence I didn’t go and see him at that time, which I regret, because he’d have at least been able to do his famous moves at that time. I’m not expecting a spectacular show, I’m just hoping he doesn’t cancel his shows due to exhaustion after about three nights.



    Nah, he’s not a pedophile..just a grown man with an admitted penchant for sleeping with underage guests at a place called the Neverland Ranch. That’s not sick, that’s just Willy Wonka-esque eccentric. Golden ticket, indeed, ahem.

    Anyway sweet lady, one word of advice: if you land seats near the stage, practice up on your ducking before the concert. I’d hate to hear of you taking a random hit of MJ facial shrapnel.


  • Happy Birthday, Karen!!


  • Jenns
    March 14
    7:21 pm

    *Laughing at Tuscan’s comments and agreeing with Emmy.*

    BUT… I’m happy for you, Karen. I’m glad you’re excited and I hope it’ll be a fabulous show.
    Happy Birthday!!!


  • Jenn
    March 14
    8:17 pm

    It is strange. I believe a lot of Americans think he is a pedophile but Europeans and Asians seem to have no problem with him……


  • Happy Birthday Karen!!!


  • I’m sorry you didn’t get the tickets, partner, but I hope you have a wonderful birthday! *throwing confetti*


  • Lorraine
    March 15
    11:56 pm

    Happy Birthday Karen! Hope you had a great day!


  • Missed your birthday, hope it was a happy one and you enjoy the show

    When does your brother get the seat numbers?


  • Dawn
    March 17
    9:16 am

    We went to see him in ’88 and that’s how I prefer to remember him – when he looked a lot closer to normal than he does now. It was brilliant!


  • I think he’s a very strange guy, that’s for sure. Americans generally believe the absolute worst of gossip or conjecture because we’re judgmental as hell. Not to say other countries aren’t, but we are usually first to forget the “innocent until proven guilty” rule.

    Hope you enjoy the show, Karen! Happy Belated b-day!!


  • Dawn
    March 18
    10:46 am

    Did mean to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! as well.


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