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You know how often I’ve commented on authors behaving badly online? Sorta like airing all sorts of stinky laundry for everyone to see?

Well, I evidently need to learn to be more tolerant of others’ weaknesses and faux passes, given I’m definitely not without them myself.

To my fellow reader, please accept my apologies for the insensitive, ungrateful, rude beyond belief email I sent earlier. While it is true I wasn’t writing it for your eyes, there is no excuse or explanation that could justify the contents.

I am very very sorry.


  • katieM
    March 24
    9:30 pm

    What are you talking about?


  • insensitive, ungrateful, rude beyond belief

    This doesn’t sound like you at all Aztec. But if you feel the need to man-up, more power to you.


  • Lorraine
    March 25
    12:05 am

    Oh well, we all fuck up, some of us more than others *cough, me* I’m known for having foot-in-the- mouth-itis. I blow it on a weekly basis.

    Hopefully, your gracious apology will smooth things over.


  • Karen Scott
    March 25
    6:13 am

    Did you accidentally send a ranting email to the person the email was about? Or was this a sarcastic apology? I really can’t tell??


  • I have no idea what terrible you did but shit happens when you’re a pesky human. At least you have the class to acknowledge the ‘stuff up’ – too few people do ‘


  • I am not being sarcastic, Karen; even though the email wasn’t meant for that person’s eyes, both its language and the sentiment within were uncalled for.

    Vanessa, thank you but… it was all that.


  • Joey
    March 25
    11:08 pm

    So I was looking at the google front page when I decided to randomly search for teenage mutant ninja fucktards. Turns out this was the first result. What a disappointment.


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