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Rumour Has It...


…That New Concepts Publishing are cash-strapped, AKA, not doing well. Oh please let it be true!

Would anybody like to confirm or deny these rumours?

According to a former NCP author, they’re still trying to sell unedited books via Fictionwise, and intentionally mislabelling some of the books, e.g. labelling books as ‘romance’, when they should come under the ‘erotica’ banner. Nothing new there I guess.

Apparently they’re also trying to hire ‘staff writers’. Pray tell, what the hell are staff writers?

Either way, I’m still waiting for this particular ship to sink.

Thanks to you-know-who for the heads up.


  • I can’t offer any information about NCP in specific, but if the mislabeling you’re talking about is on Fictionwise, Fictionwise has its own way of categorizing books. Samhain books, no matter their content, are often placed in the erotica category, for example.


  • Annmarie Ortega
    March 25
    3:22 pm

    It does say on the NC home page they are looking for staff writers for developing “company properties.” I’m not exactly sure what that means though.


  • Annmarie I know exactly what NC is looking for when they advertise for “staff writers”. They want writers to produce formula books according to what NC think sells best. From what their guidelines say, they want you to write these books under a deadline, their way and exactly the way they want them AND once you write the book it becomes the property of NC NOT the author. Lather rise repeat.

    For the life of me I don’t know why ANYONE writes for them at all. They must be paying their top producers because otherwise I can’t see those people continuing to send them manuscripts. Maybe they only pay their top producers…

    I heard a theory on Karen’s blog once that some of the top authors are the company owners themselves but I doubt that because most of those books are long and take a long time to write…but then who knows what the heck is going on there.


  • Annmarie Ortega
    March 26
    4:11 am

    I can tell you that the owner does write under at least one pen name for NCP. How do I know this? I sat next to her at the RT Saturday book signing last year in Pittsburgh! LOL (Alphabetical seating and we both have “O” last names…) She had at LEAST six or eight titles there to sign. And I was surprised at how many she sold. I saw women taking one of each title to have signed or saying they had them in ebook and now wanted them in print.


  • Lleeo
    March 26
    5:20 am

    Sorry to butt in but I was just wondering what Karen’s email address was? Or whether she gives it out?

    I just wanted to send her a funny/naughty gif that I thought she might find funny. 🙂


  • Karen Scott
    March 26
    1:09 pm

    Hairylemony @ gmail . Com no spaces Lleeo


  • candynicks
    November 24
    1:35 pm

    Publishers mislabelling erotica as romance seems to be the current trend on Fictionwise. Can’t comment specifically on NCP, but they’re not the only publisher doing this. Fictionwise used to be strict in applying their cateogory criteria, these days, not so much.


  • I am a “former” NCP author who did finally get my rights back to the book I had published with NCP. I am sorry to say they are still in business. I re-read some of the comments from Karen and others here about NCP and their Big Hairy Donkey Balls. Thanks again for the laugh. I have put my nightmare, freeze-the-blood and turn-the-hair-white experience with Dear Madris and her goon squad behind me.

    Hope you are staying cool wherever you are 🙂



  • A friend of my wife’s on Facebook is currently accusing NCP of stealing a book she published through them and slapping a new title and different author’s name on it.


  • I am so sorry to hear that they are still up to their old, nasty tricks. I wish her luck with stopping them


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