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The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride, by Annie Westthe-desert-king-pregnants-bride-presents-us

This lovely category romance is my introduction to Ms West’s writing. I confess that I have a soft spot for sheikhs as characters because E.M.Hull’s The Sheikh was in fact the first romance I ever read. (Yes, I know—rape, Stockholm syndrome, the whole ball of wax. I was eleven, for crying out loud; I thought the ending made up for the rest of the book.)

Erm… where was I? Ah yes. The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride is much better than the blurb would make you think: (more…)

I’ve Joined The Twitter Revolution…

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Posted in: I'm twittering


I’ve so far resisted Facebook, Myspace, and all of the other possible ways of sucking up time, but I decided to give Twitter a go.

If anybody wants to follow me, my username is Karenknowsbest, and you can find me on Twitter.com/Karenknowsbest.