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I’ve Joined The Twitter Revolution…

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Posted in: I'm twittering


I’ve so far resisted Facebook, Myspace, and all of the other possible ways of sucking up time, but I decided to give Twitter a go.

If anybody wants to follow me, my username is Karenknowsbest, and you can find me on Twitter.com/Karenknowsbest.


  • For what it’s worth, because I wish I’d known this when I joined Twitter, a long username takes up character space and limits people responding to you even further. You might consider changing your username to something shorter since you’ve just joined and it’s not too late. You can do it right in your settings.


  • Welcome! Don’t be surprised if you stare at your computer for hours typing away on Twitter. It is the biggest procrastination site out there.


  • Et tu, Karen?


  • sallahdog
    March 28
    4:04 pm

    I looked. but I refuse to get involved with yet something else that sucks up my life… I just got tv on my new phone and that is bad enough(although it makes sitting at the drs office a damn sight more enjoyable, except some little bored squirt came over and saw I had Nick on the phone and insisted on watching Dora the explorer…I am such a sucker, it wasn’t even MY squirt)…


  • SarahT
    March 28
    4:54 pm

    I joined Facebook last year & Twitter a couple of weeks ago. On the whole, I prefer Facebook, but I’m just starting out with the whole tweeting thing.

    Facebook has been great for reconnecting with people I’d lost touch with, particularly as I live abroad. I don’t take it very seriously and I’m pretty careful with the information I give out. I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories of people Facebooking or tweeting themselves out of a job.


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