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Obviously this is directed at those of you who blog.

My best Blog-Thinking place is in the car. Mainly because I’m spending a lot of time in mine at the moment.

I come up with a blog post subject in the car, then the next time I boot up my laptop, I post my thoughts. Talksport.net, and Radio Five live, are also great places to find topics worth posting about.

How about you?


  • LOL – mine is often at work – where I should be um working!
    But that seems to be where I’m most inspired. So I’ll start writing it in Word and email it to myself at home for further writing and editing – ’cause when I’m doing it at work – where I should be um working, I keep the screen quite small so no one can see that I’m taking some time out from working.


  • Driving is the best way for me to get inspired for any kind of writing. I usually plot during my morning commute. And I write at work also (almost every blog entry is written at work, as well as stories).

    Why is my home computer the least used one in my life for writing?


  • Weeding the yard, cleaning, doing the dishes, riding the bike…

    All those activities that require little conscious thinking.


  • My best ideas pop up while I am in my cycling class at the gym. Or in the shower.


  • Throwmearope
    March 29
    5:56 pm

    I don’t blog so I don’t have to think. (Which is a good thing.)


  • We’re supposed to think about it before hand? It’s supposed to be a worthy topic? Ah, that must be what I’m doing wrong. Mostly I just type and stuff appears on the screen. Sometimes it generates a comment or two or three. And sometimes not.


  • Lots of times just before I fall asleep, or in the shower.


  • When I’m out for a long walk without a notebook, guaranteeing that I’ll have forgotten by the time I return home. *sigh*


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