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What is fucking wrong with people?

A man who allegedly kept his daughter locked up for 25 years and raped her repeatedly together with his son has been arrested by Italian police.

The case has sent shock waves across the country and has already been dubbed Italy’s version of the Josef Fritzl case.

Prosecutors said the 64-year-old also ”groomed” his son to abuse his sister and to subject his own young children to horrific sex acts.

He has been named in the Italian media as Michele Mongelli and his son as Giuseppe Mongelli.

Detectives said the woman’s ordeal began when she was just nine years old.

Although she managed to escape once and tell police, her father managed to convince them she was ”disturbed”.

The woman, who has been named Laura by the media, was forced to live in a darkened room with no electricity and only allowed out with her father.

Detectives said her brother had also sexually abused his own children aged six, eight, 12 and 20.

The case was uncovered after a tip off. Police planted listening devices in the family home and car and heard the horrific details being discussed.

In one chilling transcript released by police the eight year old girl can be heard saying:”Dad – get your hands off me. You are a bastard, stop it.”….
A Turin police spokesman said: ”This is a terribly sad case. The woman had reported in 1994 that she was being raped but her claims were dismissed.”

I am so sickened by this, I cannot tell you how much.

And just as I was getting over this particular story, the news is released about the Colombian Fritzl.

A Colombian man accused of sexually abusing his daughter from a young age and fathering eight children with her has been arrested.
The allegations against Arcebio Alvarez, 58, have sparked an outcry over the lack of child protection in the Andean nation.

It follows Austrian Josef Fritzl’s notorious conviction for fathering seven children with a daughter he trapped in a cellar for 24 years.

Alvarez told a court on Saturday he was innocent, saying his accuser was not his biological daughter.

He was then transported to jail under military guard to keep angry crowds at bay. The children, three boys and five girls, were put under state protection.

Alba Nidia Alvarez, the 35-year-old woman who claims to be his biological daughter, told police he had abused her since she was under the age of 10.

But the accused told a judge: “I adopted her. We agreed to have a romantic relationship because we really loved each other. But she was not my own child.”

Alba Nidia’s mother died when she was five, leaving her under the care of Alvarez, who has been branded “the monster of Mariquita” by reporters.

May these men burn in fucking hell.


  • Yep – amen to them burning slowly and painfully in hell…after their castration of course…


  • Oh gods. I’m… I wish I could say shocked, but I’m not. This is sickening.

    These are times I have to agree with my great-grandmother, who was terribly non-PC in her strong belief that: “Some people just need killing.”

    Rabid beasts like these deserve no better.


  • Amen Nonny.


  • Anon76
    March 31
    2:54 pm

    Hmm, castration is good, but I’m all for throwing them in jail among the general prison populace with no special protection, or any protection at all.

    Prison justice can get pretty ugly. I’d only hope the guys would keep them alive long enough to give ’em a good dose of how being raped once or even repeatedly feels.

    Hmm, maybe castrate them then let prison justice take its course.


  • Hmm, maybe castrate them then let prison justice take its course.

    Oh I like this one!

    The saddest part for me is that, as Nonny said, I’m not as shocked as I should be. I’m angry, yes, but not surprised. Why? Because this is not a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination–it’s just that when it happens in developed countries it gets shot to the headlines in the big news outlets. When it happens in Third World countries? Not so much.


  • As the Argentine article suggest, I imagine that there are many, many more instances that just haven’t been revealed.

    Unfortunately, shame is more likely to be a factor in keeping such things hidden than actual imprisonment.


  • Lorraine
    April 1
    12:52 am

    It’s impossible to wrap my mind around 25 years of being imprisoned and tortured, day in and day out. The poor Italian woman who had to suffer both her father and brother…UGH. I agree with @anny,

    I imagine that there are many, many more instances that just haven’t been revealed.

    I wish the victims could torture their abusers, just to help cleanse a small portion of the rage they must feel. Better yet, imprison the bastards and have the most sadistic prisoners have at them on a daily basis.

    And what the FUCK does it matter if the Argentinian sicko isn’t the bio dad…what, it’s better since he’s the step/adoptive parent?

    May they all die horrible deaths. And may these poor women find some peace in their lives.


  • Lorraine: oh, because they agreed to have a romantic relationship, see? That she was under 10 doesn’t matter. Incest is bad, but having sex with an underage girl, clearly not so much. The bastard has probably convinced himself he did nothing wrong.

    BTW, Colombia =/= Argentina


  • sallahdog
    April 1
    9:00 pm

    Hmm, castration is good, but I’m all for throwing them in jail among the general prison populace with no special protection, or any protection at all.

    Honestly this kind of talk upsets me… Consider the fact that MOST sexual predators do NOT spend the rest of their lives in jail… How do you think they are going to come out of jail after being allowed to be raped and brutalized? maybe this time they will go on to murder along with their predation because then the “victim” can’t name them..

    These guys will hopefully never see the light of day again, but that truly isn’t the case for most rapists, pedophiles and sexual predators… All this kind of treatment does is create even more vicious predators… The cycle of violence just continues.. Also consider that men are found innocent (i sincerely doubt these guys are) every day of rape.. Some after long prison sentences… What kind of justice would this treatment be for them?

    I am all for throwing the book at people(and making stiffer sentences for these crimes), but to champion raping of rapists is just a stones throw away from cutting off a thiefs hand, etc… We don’t live under Old Testament times… We are supposed to be more civilised…

    not to pick on you personally.. I just see this stuff all the time and it hits a nerve..


  • Nonny
    April 1
    11:17 pm

    Sallah, I agree to some extent. I’m sure the following statement won’t make me very popular, because it’s quite not PC….. but if there’s definite, hard proof that this sort of horror actually happened (as there has been in these cases), I have to say I’m strongly in favor of the death penalty.

    Somebody that can repeatedly rape and torture another person for decades, and particularly their own children, is not right in the head, is not going to be rehabilitated, and is equivalent to a rabid animal. I don’t say the death penalty as punishment, but to protect others because of the high probability that the legal system will fail and let them out on the streets again. And who knows what would happen from there.


  • Lorraine
    April 2
    12:10 am

    BTW, Colombia =/= Argentina

    Oops, obviously too far up on my high horse to have seen my mistake


  • Actually, having hard and incontrovertible proof? Yes, I would be in favor of the death penalty, and not just for rapists.

    The problem is that, even these days, there are people in jails who are innocent of whatever crimes they were convicted for, and in some cases there was what was called, at the time of trial and sentencing, incontrovertible proof of their guilt.


  • Agreed, AztecLady. That’s why I mentioned specifically these cases… where there absolutely is no doubt due to the overwhelming evidence.

    I don’t think it should be something used without great care and caution… unfortunately, there are states that do not use the caution needed. :-\


  • Alvarez told a court on Saturday he was innocent, saying his accuser was not his biological daughter.

    Oh, well that makes it all better then. Jeez, what a moron!

    The only good thing about these new incidents is that they’ve been caught, exposed. It’s promising that some people are being arrested. Don’t know if that would be any kind of deterent to others with similar fetishes, but one can hope.

    And I have no problem with the death penalty. I don’t want my tax money supporting the life in prison of a person who’s beyond rehabilitation.


  • sallahdog
    April 2
    7:03 pm

    there are two problems for me with the death penalty.. As it is now, it is MORE expensive than having them live their lives in prison (which is no ride in the park.)

    Also the fact that innocents have been put to death scare me…

    I know my religion says its always wrong, and I even see why, but if those two factors were cleared up, I wouldn’t necessarily oppose it…but as it stands now… better for them to get full life sentences, with no chances of parole…

    Their victims will never get parole from the pain inflicted, neither should they…


  • This is one of those incidents that make me wiggly about the death penalty.

    In cases like Fritz or the Argentinian guy, though, I don’t think there should be doubt.


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