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This is an internal debate that I have with myself whenever I read about children/teens committing violent acts against other children/teens.

Two boys aged ten and 11 are being questioned after two other youngsters were seriously injured in an attack. One boy was left with life-threatening head injuries and another was slashed with a knife.

The critically-injured boy, aged 11, was found semi-conscious at the bottom of a ravine while the nine-year-old with knife wounds was found wandering along a street “dazed” and covered in blood, witnesses said.

Two boys who were found near the scene in Edlington, South Yorkshire were taken into police custody.

Since the abduction and murder of James Bulger back in the early nineties, the number of young teens committing adult crimes seem to have risen sharply. Whereby once upon a time, we’d have been shocked to hear about violent acts commited by young children/teens, sadly, these days, it just seems to be par for the course. (more…)

Red-Headed Stepchild, by Jaye Wellsred-headed-stepchild

This paranormal urban fantasy is Ms Wells’ long-awaited debut novel, and the first in a trilogy following one Sabina Kane, a half-vampire/half-mage assassin. Like most urban fantasies, Red-Headed Stepchild is narrated by the protagonist. As has been said by several reviewers about other books, this technique makes it more of a hit or miss with readers; if you cannot stand the heroine-cum-narrator’s voice, odds are you are not going to enjoy the story, no matter how novel its take on a particular theme or mythos, or how well written it may be. (more…)