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The hunt for the Bosoms!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Challenged by the Smartest Bitches in the intrawebs, I engaged in a perilous expedition to find their most mahhhvelous Beyond Heaving Bosoms.

The first step, obviously, was to call Borders and make sure they were getting copies. Which I was told they would–one of them with my name on it. So  (after a failed attempt to buy it early on Sunday) the s.o. and I headed back to the store bright and early on Tuesday April 14th, wherein we engaged the manager in a search, high and low, far and wide, for the book.

The computer said it would be stocked in the trade size/hardback shelf in the romance section, but alas! nary a bosom to be found there. A look behind the counter at the register showed that there was no bosom held for ransom with a note for me, more’s the pity! Finally, an expedition to the bowels of the back room yielded evidence (in the form of a packing slip) that the bosoms had indeed arrived to the store.

The hunt, as they say, was on! Much walking about looking lost ensued until, in a rather interesting twist, the bosoms were located!


But… what is this I see? Look up, look up!


Yes, indeed. It’s a mystery.

And a thriller!

After engaging in a dangerous mission to liberate the bosoms (during which the young kid at the register had to ask, with snotty disdain, “you guys in a book club or something?” when both my s.o. and myself got a copy each), we brought the bosoms home.


Don’t the look pretty as can be? 😀


And there he is, my very own smart bitch in training aka Issek, holding our bosoms!


  • Marianne McA
    April 19
    3:39 pm

    Are you going to write a review?


  • Yes, I am–Issek and I are reading it together, so it’s likely it’ll be a joint review. So far, it’s completely awesome, and right on the mark.


  • Just for interest sake, I am going to look for Bosoms where I live (Brisbane, Australia.)


  • No Bosoms in Australia…they’re due soon apparently


  • Lorraine
    April 22
    1:51 am

    How cool is it that Issek is willing to read the Bosoms! I used to try to get my husband to read my favorite books and he absolutely refused. You’re one lucky bitch AL!


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