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Katiebabs is currently writing an F/F romance, and over on her blog, she’s talking about the decision to step out of her comfort zone in order to navigate those wildly risky waters.

She writes:

few weeks ago while I was on Twitter some editors and agents were discussing the need for more gay romances. From that moment I decided to try my hand at writing a gay romance…

Why the need to write a lesbian romance? I feel that the M/M romance market has become so big and close to mainstream that I wanted to prove that lesbian romances can be just as popular as the M/M romances I have read. I have wondered why there aren’t more F/F romances on the market, and I was told they simply don’t sell well. I am here to prove that I can write a F/F romance that people will want to read. Reading a romance whether it be gay or straight is about the connection a reader will have with the characters. If your two main characters connect emotionally with the reader, you have accomplished something. And perhaps I can write some nice hot and steamy girl on girl action.

Now I admire Katie’s efforts to write outside her comfort zone, and I applaud her for having the balls (or should I say vagina?) to dare to be so bold, but I think that she’s onto a loser before she even starts.

Wanna know why I’m of this opinion? (more…)

From the brilliant Nice Mommy / Evil Editor:

Now, I was left off the official RT schedule for my Wednesday panel, so if you have a moment, please help me spread the word to anyone you know going to RT. Blogs, facebook, twitter, yahoo groups, it’s all appreciated!


Join Angela James and Ron Hogan at RT this Wednesday from 11:45-12:45 to “Polish Your Pitch”. Angela got left off the official RT schedule so please help spread the word!

“Samhain Executive Editor Angela James and publishing industry commentator Ron Hogan of Beatrice.com lead an interactive workshop on creating a great story pitch. Come prepared to tell us what your novel’s about; we’ll take your description apart then help you rebuild it better, stronger, faster. Don’t be afraid…we’ll be gentle.”

Ron Hogan is well known as a savvy,fair book reviewer and knowledgeable commentator on all aspects of the publishing industry, both digital and print.

Angela James is the Executive Editor of Samhain Publishing. Her mission is to drag readers (and authors) to the digital dark side, one reader at a time.