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You know, if there’s one thing guaranteed to annoy me no end, it’s people who enjoy moaning and bitching about the number of flame-ups that erupt within the romance community (You know who you are).

Oh noes, why are people falling out? Oh noes, why can’t we get along? Oh noes, why are blog people so mean?

I say, belt the fuck up.

I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed if it wasn’t for the fact that so many of the complainants usually have no problem getting involved and slinging a bit of mud themselves.

The fact is flame-ups don’t actually happen that often. Seriously, they don’t, and the ones that do, generally only happen on a few blogs. This makes it pretty easy for people who hate blog spats to avoid them.

So yeah, you don’t like flames, and lovefests? Then don’t visit the blogs where they are more likely to happen.

Simple, no?