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You know, if there’s one thing guaranteed to annoy me no end, it’s people who enjoy moaning and bitching about the number of flame-ups that erupt within the romance community (You know who you are).

Oh noes, why are people falling out? Oh noes, why can’t we get along? Oh noes, why are blog people so mean?

I say, belt the fuck up.

I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed if it wasn’t for the fact that so many of the complainants usually have no problem getting involved and slinging a bit of mud themselves.

The fact is flame-ups don’t actually happen that often. Seriously, they don’t, and the ones that do, generally only happen on a few blogs. This makes it pretty easy for people who hate blog spats to avoid them.

So yeah, you don’t like flames, and lovefests? Then don’t visit the blogs where they are more likely to happen.

Simple, no?


  • My first thought is… What happened now?


  • Same here, Teddypig.


  • Uh…ditto. I didn’t realize there was any drama going on now.


  • Sparky
    April 22
    3:51 pm

    Ahhhh but then they won’t be getting any attention!

    Becuase what all these people bitching about all the bitching are really saying is “All these people are not paying enough attention to MEEEEEEEEE!”


  • We’ve secretly replaced Livejournal with Folger’s Crystals to see if anyone would notice…


  • Folger’s Crystals?? Dammit, Teddypig, are you trying to call the Livejournal people pussies? As we all know real bloggers only drink Maxwell House!

    Karen, I think you have a point. To play Devils Advocate, however, if John Doe the Nice shouldn’t visit a certain forum if he knows its basically Flamefest Island, then none of us has a right to grumble if upon visiting John’s blog and we find he keeps a “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it” policy. (But then again maybe that’s what you meant by lovefest? Let me know if you did).

    IMHO you’re right in that flameups don’t happen that often (your blog here being an example of the few-and-far-between), but I do feel that there are a few blogsters out there whose primary goal seems to be nothing less than hosting a perpetual Fight at the OK Coral. In some instances, a visitor might stumble upon a seemingly innocent conversation. But if they loathe flamefests, then checking the archives to get a general feel for the atmosphere could help them decide if its a place they want comment at or even to visit again.


  • Oh TC,
    You can come over to my blog and say any old mean things you want to.


  • I absoulutely agree and don’t start a blog war if you can’t handle the fall out


  • I absolutely agree and don’t start a blog war if you can’t handle the fall out


  • …oops…typos and the second post are purely to do with it being 4:30am…


  • Let’s face it, most of us LOVE online flameups, even if we don’t actively participate in them. Just look at the number of comments left on controversial posts in comparison to regular ones. And for every commenter, there’s bound to be at least 10 lurkers.

    What gets my goat are passive-aggressive posters who use tons of feckin smileys and exclamation marks to detract from the fact that they’re being a complete bitch. I much prefer the in-your-face style, even if I don’t always like what’s being said.

    There’s only one blogger/reviewer I really can’t stand and I just don’t read her stuff. Simple as that.


  • Mireya
    April 22
    11:25 pm

    Karen, that requires common sense … and as you very well know … repeat after me … there is NOTHING common about common sense.


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