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This week’s dilemma is as follows:

You and your husband (let’s call him Ian) have been married for nearly ten years, and you have two beautiful children.

One day, Ian comes home looking down and depressed. You of course ask him what’s wrong, and he takes a deep breath, and explains:

Apparently, the family is now bankrupt. Ian has been hiding a gambling habit, which has led to him gambling away your combined life-savings. He is in debt to the tune of nearly $300k, which leaves all of you desperate, and possibly homeless.

He begs you to forgive him, and tells you that he will get help for his addiction as long as you don’t leave him.

What do you do? Do you stand by him and help him through his addiction, or do you leave the man who brought you to financial ruin, and concentrate on finding a way back for you and your kids?

What do you do?