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So, What Are You Reading Right Now?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
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While I wait for my new books to arrive from The Book Depository, I’d like to know what you guys are reading, so that I can add anything that sounds vaguely interesting to my wishlist. That way, I don’t actually have to try to catch up on my Google Reader.

So, name of book, author, and a short synopsis would be great.


  • Re-reading ‘Death in Kathmandu’ – MM Kaye – set in the 1940’s after the war – romance, intrigue and suspense…very British stiff upper lip but infinitely readable. MM Kaye had a whole series of “Death in…” books – love ‘em.


  • I’m re-reading ‘The 19th Wife’ by David Ebershoff. It’s about murder and mayhem in a polygamous Mormon sect.

    I’ve just finished reading Jennifer Ashley’s ‘The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie’, which was excellent.


  • sallahdog
    May 5
    12:22 pm

    been busy and just got to read Iona Andrews “Magic Strikes”..Paranormal, 3rd in series and really good … Andrews tells a good yarn, her world building is excellent and unlike a lot of the paranormals these days, she has found a fresh take on shapeshifters (or at least its not the same tired fated mate crap)… Her books have sexual tension but aren’t just about sex (which has also begun to bore the heck out of me)…

    My new sookie is coming today, and I soon as I can pry the Ann Aguirre Blue Diablo book from my husband (he reads so SLOW) I will read that one too…


  • Bethany
    May 5
    12:48 pm

    I just received my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Having long ignored the classics for horror and sci-fi, I was thrilled to find a book that combined at least two of them. I bought it based on the reviews – one reviewer said too much Pride and Predjudice an not enough Zombies. LOL.

    It’s good to have something to laugh with/at. As sailahog said, books that are just about sex are beginning to bore me too.


  • che
    May 5
    2:24 pm

    I just finished Flat Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy. It’s a September/May romance set in the world of Nascar. Never fear, there’s not that much devoted to Nascar. Most of it is devoted to the relationship and lots of hot sex. It was, needless to say, flat out sexy. McCarthy is an auto-buy for me.


  • I am in between books but I just re-read Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes. One of my favorite chick lit novels, from back before chick lit exploded like rotten fruit. Original pub date was 1999. 3 Irish friends find better lives and loves in London. I picked it up knowing I enjoy Keyes work and thinking I hadn’t read this one (it had a brand new cover) and realized I had read it but I didn’t mind the refresher. I have a terrible memory, even when I like something!


  • Anne C
    May 5
    4:22 pm

    I just finished Magic’s Design by CT Adams and Cathy Clamp. I enjoyed it but not as much as the Thrall series. The last 3rd threw lots of information-that I glossed over then had to go back and read. But a good book. I also finished Lover Avenged by JR Ward during the weekend. I am going back and reading my Jude Deveraux books till my new books come in that my friends got me at RT this year. I have great friends.


  • I just finished Raintree: Inferno and was unimpressed. No, mindraping your destined bride is NOT the way to win her heart. Fortunately the other two in the series were better.

    Currently reading The Two Lives of Errol Flynn by Michael Freedland. This has been described as a “Biography by someone who reads biographies.” So far, it’s been all rehash of My Wicked Wicked Ways, without Flynn’s wit to offset the brevity. (I know there was a ghost writer on the autobiography, but he took his material from a series of taped interviews)

    After that, an anthology, either Steampunk by the Vandemeers, Dragons Composed by Bill Snodgrass or Ravens in the Library by Phil Brucato and Sandra Buskirk.


  • Just broke open the cover of 101 Ways To Live Twitter Free by Sane Repose.
    Just teasing. I just finished an anthology called Dangerous Ties from Aphrodisia. Very tasty erotic reading.


  • Rosie
    May 6
    1:35 am

    Remember when we were all excited about Google Reader? It was so easy to keep track of the places, posts etc. in one place. Now if I miss a day I’m afraid to see how much stuff is waiting in there to taunt me. No recs from me. Although I did just finish Elizabeth Hoyt’s TO BEGUILE A BEAST and it was good.


  • I’m reading Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian. It’s a paranormal vampire romance. I’m enjoying it. The first two seemed derivative to me… like Adrian took the best of vamp romances and cobbled them together to make her own, but now it feels like she’s hit her stride in terms of world-building.


  • Kat
    May 8
    2:34 am

    I’m gonna pimp out something slightly different: Disco Boy by Dominic Knight. It’s a contemporary romantic comedy from an Aussie bloke’s perspective (1st person). Loved it. Wish I’d read it an uni–would’ve saved me much angst about boys. You can read the first 3 chapters from that link, and if you’re not sold by then, well, I tried! Now I’m reading Waiter Rant, a memoir of a US waiter’s experiences. I’m a fan of the blog, and the book is even more entertaining than I expected.

    Also, The Book Depository has an affiliate program now, in case you’re looking for an Amazon alternative.


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