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Hey Guys, guess what, The Vindictive Rhinoceros has reared her very ugly head again.

Like I twittered last night, just as I start to forget that the bitch exists, up she pops wanting some attention from her favourite people in the whole world. Talk about extreme separation anxiety huh?

Anyway, from what I can tell, she was trying to make a political statement, but somehow ended up talking about yours truly, The SBs, and Dear Jane. She truly does love us so.

VR started off talking about wearing pyjamas on a website, (which I really didn’t get, but we know how fragile her mental state is), then she mentioned feathers on said website, then she made a statement about trying to eradicate conservatism from us (I have no idea which us she was talking about) , then she talked about a dress on Google Earth, then she talked about her work in class, (I didn’t actually think she was a teacher at the university, but I could be mistaken) then she mentioned that good old biblical figure, Saul whatshisface (wasn’t he the dude who got David into that unfair fight against Goliath?).

Anyway, apparently Saul had some rules, and there were supposedly 13 of them. I did wonder if VR meant The Ten Commandments, but I figured it was best to not interrupt her flow. She then talked about freezing a target, but I didn’t have the foggiest idea what she was talking about. (more…)


Jane had an excellent post up last week, entitled Past is Prologue, A Brief Look at History of Romance Communities on the Internet.
In this column, Jane talks about the early pioneers of online romance communities, paying special homage to the agitators who came before.

In conclusion, she asks what brought us (readers) into the romance community. She asks about our earliest memories, and our likes and dislikes as far as The Community is concerned.

I did start leaving a comment on the DA blog, but the computer ate it when I hit ‘submit’, which pissed me off no end, so I decided to just turn it into a post.

Back in late 2004, I discovered and joined the Elloras Cave Yahoo list. I’d been reading romance books for as long as I could remember, and Silhouette Desires were always my favourite category romances, because the heroes and heroines used to get down and dirty, in a way that the characters in Mills and Boon Tender romances never could.

When I discovered EC, I was amazed that there were romance books that actually had words like ‘cock’ and ‘pussy’ in them. I was totally in seventh heaven.

I discovered quite a few other Yahoo groups via the EC list, but unfortunately, most of these lists were of the Fake McFake Mary Sunshine variety, which really wasn’t my bag at all. Criticisms of books were very much frowned upon, and everybody was so cheery, it made my teeth hurt. (more…)