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This week’s dilemma is as follows:

You and your hubby have been married for five years, and you’re both very happy.

One day an old male friend walks back into your life (Let’s call him James). You were best friends in college, and except for one drunken one night stand, when you were feeling depressed over breaking up with a boy you were seeing, the relationship wasn’t sexual. You’ve missed him in your life, and you’re pleased that he’s back.

You tell your husband about James, (without mentioning the one-night stand) but he’s not too pleased. He does however, agree to have him over to the house for dinner.

Throughout the dinner, hubby acts in a jealous manner, and is obviously very uncomfortable with James. You try to include him in as much of the conversation as possible, but he’s not interested in being nice.

After James leaves, hubby lays down the law, and tells you that he doesn’t want you to see him anymore.

What do you do? Do you tell him no, and stay in an active friendship with James, knowing that A), it may cause a strain in your marriage, and B) you’ll have to keep the two of them separate, or do you respect your hubby’s feelings on the matter, and stop seeing him?

What would you do?

(By the way, whilst looking for an appropriate jealousy-related image, I noticed that the majority of the images depicted two women, and one man. The implication being that it’s mostly women who get jealous of other women, and that men don’t get jealous of other men perhaps?)