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I’ve noticed that good old Dick has been shooting his mouth off, left, right and centre. Now we finally know for sure, who was behind the majority of George Bush’s heinously bad decisions.

Keith Olbermann’s special comment on this last week was right on:

Dick Cheney, in case you haven’t heard it enough sir, you are a twat who needs to shut the fuck up, and resign yourself to the fact that you are an irrelevant fool who needs his head sticking in a toilet full of piss and shit, and whipping until you cry uncle.

You are a terrorist in a suit, who just happens to be born American.

Pox on you, you son of a bastard.

I’d suggest we start a #JailCheney Twitfest on Twitter, but I’m not sure how many KKB readers really give a shit either way.

Kiss & Hell, by Dakota Cassidykiss-hell

A paranormal romantic comedy with heart is probably the easiest way to describe Ms Cassidy’s Kiss & Hell. The problem is that such a label doesn’t come even close to doing it justice. There are some deeper threads mixed in with the laughter, but there isn’t any overt preaching because none of the characters take themselves terribly seriously.

There is some graphic language and a couple of rather explicit sex scenes in the novel, but the real warning is for people who can’t take their religion with a sense of humor-the language in the narrative is highly irreverent, but definitely not with the intent to offend.

Here is the back cover blurb: