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I’ve noticed that good old Dick has been shooting his mouth off, left, right and centre. Now we finally know for sure, who was behind the majority of George Bush’s heinously bad decisions.

Keith Olbermann’s special comment on this last week was right on:

Dick Cheney, in case you haven’t heard it enough sir, you are a twat who needs to shut the fuck up, and resign yourself to the fact that you are an irrelevant fool who needs his head sticking in a toilet full of piss and shit, and whipping until you cry uncle.

You are a terrorist in a suit, who just happens to be born American.

Pox on you, you son of a bastard.

I’d suggest we start a #JailCheney Twitfest on Twitter, but I’m not sure how many KKB readers really give a shit either way.


  • Throwmearope
    May 30
    11:19 pm

    Karen, I don’t think he should get off that lightly.


  • joanne
    May 30
    11:59 pm

    He’s a favorite subject on The Daily Show. I love when they do their “You Don’t Know Dick” segments. He’s often portrayed as Darth Vader. A fitting analogy. Everything about that guy screams evil. I never really thought that GWB himself was evil. A brainless, easily led twit? Definitely! Inherently evil? No, not smart enough. Dick was the evil mastermind all along, and recently loves to brag about it now that he’s out of his secret bunker. Just STFU already, you Dick!

    Here you go. “Excuse me, your Dick is out.” Hope you guys in the UK can see this. http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=226623&title=Excuse-Me-Your-Dick-Is-Out


  • Oh don’t worry people will start to apologize for him and then idolize him just like they did Reagan and forget how many people the asshole killed in his ignorance.


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  • I heart Keith O. He’s one of the sanest people in all of American media.


  • SarahT
    May 31
    10:16 am

    Sadly, I think Teddy Pig has it right. Cheney will likely never be held accountable for his actions.


  • Olbermann is freaking brilliant, and I love hearing his rants.
    And you’re right on the mark with Cheney. A terrorist is one who seeks to inspire fear. After years of inciting it behind the scenes, he’s come out of hiding & refuses to shut up.
    Go away, dick.


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