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From Angela James’ blog:

Samhain is open to submissions.

In the most recent issue of the RWA’s Pro newsletter (Prospects) it was reported that Samhain is closed to submissions. We’re unsure where the erroneous information came from, but we are not closed to submissions and have no plans to be. We continue to accept submissions in all genres of romance, as well as science fiction/fantasy/urban fantasy all with romantic elements. Submissions guidelines can be found http://samhainpublishing.com/submissions. All questions and submissions can be directed to editor@samhainpublishing.com

We hope you’ll help us out by posting this correction on your local and specialty chapter loops.

Thank you!

Angela James, Executive Editor

**permission to forward granted**

My cynical mind is pondering how such a thing came to be published.


  • It did come to a bit of a shock to us when several people emailed to mention it. Thanks for posting this.


  • Emmy
    June 1
    12:09 am

    I think it was a conspiracy, lol. Up next: a message that Samhain is no longer selling ebooks. Nope. Nothing to see on their site, folks. Come shop with us at [whatever other ebpub].


  • *snort* hell, Emmy, don’t feed my paranoia, woman!


  • FD
    June 1
    12:49 pm

    I wonder if it was a chicken little thing. “Oh noes, Samhain is not accepting submissions! The sky is falling! We’re all doomed, doomed!”

    It’s the sort of thing people like to horrify themselves with, without bothering to check out the source info.


  • The funny thing is, in the RWA president’s message in the latest Romance Writer’s Report, she says how important it is not to soley rely on what you read on loops, that as an organization it’s important the RWA keeps its members informed and educated. Yeah….

    I’m sure the person who made the error is feeling the heat. And will check and double check her facts in the future.


  • They have explained how the error was made and have taken steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. They were very apologetic and prompt to respond to the matter.

    On the other hand, we got some excellent exposure from all the people spreading the word on blogs, forums, loops and Twitter.

    Glass half full 🙂


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