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That quote was from a bird on Katiebabs’ blog. The original post was about the book festival that KB went to in New York. Apparently there was a meet-the-blogger panel, and that bird was on the panel.

No, she didn’t seem to be the cleverest tool in the box to me either.

She also went onto say that comments were sign of a healthy and active blog, and when she was challenged re that statement, she said this:

As I’m the one who said the remark about comments being a sign of a healthy and active blog, I’ll go ahead and mention a couple of thing in hindsight.

Perhaps, what I *should* have said was that comments are usually a sign that the blogger is active in the community and several different outlets like forums, twitter, facebooks, visiting other blogs, etc. What really, really bugs me is when blogs get the latest and greatest new ARC when their last 20 posts have zero comments and they aren’t a “player” in the industry.

Yep, definitely not the sharpest tool in the box. Blesssssss.

In terms of the actual post, I’m with Mrs G, I really don’t need any love from authors, or publishers. I don’t need free books, I can afford my own. The only time I enjoy getting a free book is when there are no strings attached, i.e. I don’t have to review them.

Blogging is purely a hobby, no more, no less. The day it starts to feel like work, is the day I quit.


AztecLady does Pamela Clare's, Ride the Fire

First: this one is Kristie(J)‘s fault-all of it! (Well, okay, the inimitable Super Librarian is involved there somehow, but still! All Kristie(J)!)

Second: next time someone recommends a book without telling me it’s the third in a trilogy, I’ll grab a leaf outta Little CJ’s book and start with the voodoo dolls and the pointy objects. (The good news: this one reads very much like a stand-alone until the last three or so chapters, so no one is getting hurt… this time. I seriously would advise you guys not to tempt fate, though, capisci?)


Ride the Fire by Pamela Clare


My confession: despite having one or (more likely) two other books by Ms Clare in the TBR mountain range, Ride the Fire is the first of hers I’ve read. Unbeknownst to me before I read it *glaring at Kristie(J) and Super Librarian Wendy* this is the third title in Ms Clare’s Blakewell/Kenleigh trilogy. As stated above, it can be read as a stand-alone title, but people like me *coughanalretentivecough* want know where it stands before reading it.

Set in the Ohio frontier during the tumultuous period after the French and Indian war, it follows Nicholas Kenleigh, firstborn son and heir to the Kenleigh Shipping empire in Virginia, and one Elspeth (Bethie) Stewart, the young widow of a humble settler.

I find I need to issue a warning: while this is definitely a romance, it includes some rather intense and graphic descriptions of violence-not for the faint of heart. Reader beware.