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Via Dee Tenorio’s blog:

Samhain is doing a giveaway this month and my book, “Kiss Me Again” is on the list! I’ll be adding the code for mine to my sidebar, but thought I’d share the whole list with interested parties. So, check your dates and grab your Kindle’s folks! It’s free book time!!

Here are the titles and codes:

Sharon Cullen
contemp romance

Dead Man’s Rain
Frank Tuttle
Paranormal / Fantasy

Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways
Traci Hall
Young Adult

Kiss Me Again
Dee Tenorio
contemp romance

So there you have it, for those of you with a Kindle, four free ebooks for the next four weeks. Go forth and get some good stuff.


The above was a quote from a loony right-wing pro-lifer on the subject of George Tiller’s murder.

May the commenter burn in hell. The same sentiment goes to everybody else who appears to condemn the shooter, whilst at the same time snidely suggesting that Tiller got his just desserts.

Listen, I wouldn’t personally ever have an abortion, but I think these pro-lifers just don’t seem to get that a woman has every right to make the decisions regarding her own body. It makes me so mad I could spit.

I get even madder when pro-life men even bother expressing their views. I mean seriously, what the fuck do they know? Seriously, there are some things I don’t want men to have an opinion on. Grrrrr.