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The above was a quote from a loony right-wing pro-lifer on the subject of George Tiller’s murder.

May the commenter burn in hell. The same sentiment goes to everybody else who appears to condemn the shooter, whilst at the same time snidely suggesting that Tiller got his just desserts.

Listen, I wouldn’t personally ever have an abortion, but I think these pro-lifers just don’t seem to get that a woman has every right to make the decisions regarding her own body. It makes me so mad I could spit.

I get even madder when pro-life men even bother expressing their views. I mean seriously, what the fuck do they know? Seriously, there are some things I don’t want men to have an opinion on. Grrrrr.


  • Leslee
    June 7
    10:48 am

    I totally agree!!!!!!!!! I don’t know that I could ever have an abortion but I like knowing that if they discovered that my unborn baby had severe problems that would have them in pain that I could. Dr. Tiller should be mourned as he provided an service to thousands of women. He had to have bodyguards and bulletproof glass put into his clinic. He lived under a constant threat that his life could be taken. How can these people say they respect life and then applaud the fact that someone took Dr. Tiller’s life! I don’t see any of these prolifers adopting babies or kids that were abandoned, abused, neglected and have special needs. They are such hypocrits, it is disgusting! And it always seems to be men that are the most outspoken prolifers. I suspect that they like the thought of keeping women down, with no say about their own bodies! This subject makes my blood boil. I feel so bad for Dr. Tiller’s family and friends and my thoughts and prayers are with them. He was a good man and should be remembered as such!


  • SarahT
    June 7
    10:56 am

    Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, killing that man was murder. It amazes me that people who claim to be pro-life and religious feel that murder can be justified. It can’t.


  • Sparkindarkness
    June 7
    11:55 am

    Isn’t “pro-life” such an ironic term for these crazy crazy people

    Personally I want them to talk. And talk and talk and talk. The more the crazies talk, the more obvious it is that they are crazy – and that will REALLY REALLY damage the anti-choice movement. It’s so damn hard to say “yes, I agree with what the crazy person said!”


  • Mireya
    June 7
    1:01 pm

    That is what the ultra right wing zealots have said every time a doctor that performed abortions has been murdered. Bunch of hypocritical assholes.


  • Janean
    June 7
    2:20 pm

    What really gets to me about these people is that they are only “pro-life” when it comes to the unborn. They don’t give a damn what happens to you after you’re here. That’s why I’m really not surprised to see their disgusting comments about the shooting. They are usually the same people that oppose programs to help the poor,sick, and needy, and they are the fiercest advocates for using the death penalty. What also blows my mind is that they also tend to oppose teaching teenagers about and giving them access to birth control – which would prevent many of the abortions they are so concerned about!

    I have always felt conflicted about the issue of abortion – I hate the idea of it being used strictly for birth control, but I can’t be judgmental toward women that have them either since I’ve never been in the position of having an unwanted pregnancy.


  • That quote makes me sick.


  • Throwmearope
    June 7
    3:28 pm

    From what was released to the medical community, Dr. Tiller did late term interruptions when the mother’s life or health was in danger. Not because somebody got tired of swollen feet at four months. He did this in the face of grave danger. (Er, obviously.) But the pro lifers don’t care a lot about the lives of grown women.

    And then nutbags like O’Reilly saying what a good idea the murderer had, that’s obscene.


  • MB (Leah)
    June 7
    3:35 pm

    but I can’t be judgmental toward women that have them either since I’ve never been in the position of having an unwanted pregnancy.

    You have something most people have, but which these whackos don’t have, empathy. Even though you might not agree or haven’t had to experience what it might be like to have an abortion for whatever reason, you can place yourself in that person’s position and not judge.

    These fringe types only have one way of thinking and outside of that is wrong. They completely lack the ability to put themselves in another’s shoes.

    What pissed me off was when reporting it, reporters asked local people what they thought and so many had that attitude of while they disagreed with murder, well, he asked for it, didn’t he? All good Christian people saying this. WTF?


  • All good Christian people saying this

    And people wonder why so many don’t want anything to do with organized religion.


  • FD
    June 7
    5:15 pm

    It just makes me so sad, and worried for America that people are willing in this day and age to go on national TV and espouse such views. Seriously. It horrifies me.

    Did you know that Dr Tiller was shot twice in 1993 also?
    And that under Kansas state law, two physicians independent of each other must confirm that continuing the pregnancy would mean that the mother would suffer irreparable harm. It’s not like he was doing this for fun. Ugh.

    To answer your comment on pro-life men – I’m fine with them having an opinion, whatever that opinion may be, I just don’t think they get the right to determine what I, or any other woman chooses to do.


  • I call myself pro-personal responsibility. If you have a need of an abortion, go get one, they should be legal and stay legal. If you use abortion as birth control, you need to be smacked and sterilized (I personally know at least one woman who has had multiple abortions instead of even bothering to use any form of prevention).

    But nobody should be murdered, ever, there is no excuse for it, there are justifications and rationalizations, you can completely understand why they did it but it does not matter. In this case I really don’t understand the why of it.

    I feel that Dr. Tiller should have been prosecuted and had his license taken away, not for performing abortions no matter how awful I feel late term abortions are for everyone involved, but for failure to report crimes under the law. He did perform abortions on children and not report they were pregnant which under the law meant they were raped no matter their circumstances. That offends me more than the abortions, because it sets these children up to come back later for another abortion because whoever did that to them the first time will just do it again.

    Any doctor or clinic that fails to report the rape of a child should be closed and face charges.

    Pro-life men cramming their philosophies at me can just shove it, teach your sons and the other males around you about prevention, and that hello you are sticking your thang into someone else it’s your responsibility too and we’ll have less abortions needed.


  • Don’t EVEN get me going on these pricks.


  • A conservative Christian checking in here to say this was so wrong! As Mom used to say, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Sheesh.


  • That quote makes me ill. And when it comes to pro-life men, my answer is simply, “When you can get pregnant, then you can have an opinion about it.”


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