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Atlantis Unleashed, by Alyssa Day


The fifth installment in Ms Day’s Warriors of Poseidon series, Atlantis Unleashed is the third full length novel in the series. It follows the fate of one of Atlantis’ Seven chosen Warriors, Lord Justice, after the climactic events narrated near the end of the previous book, Atlantis Awakening.

Because of the complexity of this universe, I would definitely recommend reading all the stories in order-Atlantis Rising, “Wild Hearts in Atlantis” (Wild Thing anthology), Atlantis Awakening, “Shifter’s Lady” (Shifter anthology) and, finally, Atlantis Unleashed-as many secondary threads are woven through them, building the overarching plotline. For this reason, at least a few spoilers for previous stories are unavoidable in this review, so… reader beware.


And The Coveted Title of Fucktard Of The Week Goes To...



From this thread over at Shiloh Walker’s blog:

“I will never in my wildest imagination, buy or read any work published by Pamela Clare or any other author that I have no respect for.

Would I share her books with other internet downloaders who want to read her work? You bet. That is their choice, not mine.

I’m already a thieving SOB, and if it’s OK for them to be totally lacking in integrity, why is it not for me?

Respect me and I will respect you.

…I believe that authors need to start viewing their readers – ALL their readers – as their ‘bread and butter’ rather than their creative content as such.

This shift in thinking will engender a different way of thinking and a new paradigm for publishing.

…When an author opens a thread denouncing pirating on their blog i.e. a public forum and someone responds with an opposing viewpoint how can the author then object to that person condoning pirating on their blog? I really don’t see the rationale in that.

A fixation on the belief that somehow simply because something is LEGAL it must necessarily be moral, right, just, fair, immutable, or serving the needs of all individuals involved, will only ensure that polarization to extremism will prevail i.e. the problem will never be solved.”

I either heard or read an analogy that was quite apt with regards to piracy the other day; It’s like a keen gardener who’s spent all his time cultivating his backyard, so that it looks beautiful with flowers blooming all over the place. Imagine then somebody coming along and plucking out his flowers, without his permission?

I’d be mad as a fucking cornered cat.

I can just hear the cries of, “Oh noes, not another piracy post!” across Blogland. Whatever bitches. It’s ok, I’m not gonna rant, I’m happy enough to point out fuckwits when I come across them.

(AztecLady here: Curiosity, my besetting sin. Amber’s idiocy first manifested itself here. Apparently, if a person objects to having the fruit of her efforts pirated, she doesn’t deserve respect. <sarcasm>Authors, who do they think they are?</sarcasm>)