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Loose Id Are All About The M/Ms Are They Not?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Posted in: Loose Id


Because if they really aren’t all about the M/Ms, then they sure could have fooled me.

I used to purchase books quite often from them, and I used to visit them at least once a week, but then I started noticing that they seemed to be publishing mostly male/male stuff. I am no lover of the penis to penis stuff. I don’t get the appeal as a woman. Two guys without the inclusion of at least one female is really not my thing, so I started visiting less. Nowadays, I surf by maybe once a month in the hopes that I wont see a pair of manly chests on the cover of every new release.

Jane made the same point on Twitter. She too considers them to be a mostly M/M epub, so doesn’t bother with them too much either.

Now of course I know that they do publish heterosexual romances, but I happened to surf over there on Sunday, and every single release was an M/M book. Two words: Nail and coffin.

I’m assuming that the M/M stuff sell better than the het stuff, which is why they seem to be over-egging the pudding over there, but it really does put me off visiting too often.

So, are Jane and I the only ones who consider Loose Id to be MMTastic?