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There’s been all kinds of speculation as to why Sarah Palin of the #AbstinenceFail fame really quit.

She of course blamed the media. Well, why the hell not, those bastards are responsible for most heinous crimes, dog-darn it.

Me, I think she just wanted to see herself on the front pages again. It’s been a long dry spell for her with no crazy media interest after all.

Other pundits think that she may be quitting in order to try to run for president next time around. Can you imagine?

Anyway, I’d also like to know how the Alaskan people feel about her quitting as governor.

Do they give a shit, and are totally heartbroken, or is this a case of ding-dong, the witch is dead?

Enquiring minds would like to know.



  • She’s stumping for her fellow Republicans in the lower 48 and, personally, I think she’s taking time off to memorize talking points for 2012 so she doesn’t come off like Dan Quayle with lipstick.


  • All the comments I’ve seen from Alaskans have been of the “Ding dong the witch is dead, good riddance” variety, but then I don’t tend to hang out at conservative, republican blogs etc so they could be saying something very different.

    I kinda hope she does get the republican nod for 2012. Guarantees another 4 years for Obama. 🙂


  • Whatever happens next I am sure she will blame the libural media for attacking her and her innocent family for reporting her failures, blunders and utter disregard for reality.


  • I’m still puzzled how abandoning your state in the middle of a recession and a shitload of problems is not ‘quitting’, but she said several times in her speech that she’s not a quitter and that quitting the governor’s job was not quitting at all but ‘hunkering down’. Whatever!

    She baffles me and I have to say I think she’s the worst traitor to women that I have the misfortune to have heard about.


  • NPR did a great little story on this over the weekend. Lots of input from the natives.

    I really do hope that she fades into the background and stays there. She’s too baffling and its really hard to figure out what she actual said! *sigh*


  • Grrrly
    July 10
    1:21 am

    I love how she complained on her facebook page that the media was going to pillory her for quitting mid-term, unlike some other people who could quit without finishing their term and the media loved them, a pretty obviously backhanded slap at Obama leaving his governer’s position. When you get elected POTUS lady (god forbid), then you can use the “I’m leaving to do better things” gambit.

    This is really going to come back and bite her in the ass if she does make a play for the white house in 2012. I kinda hope she tries though, just so I can laugh when it blows up in her face.


  • M E 2
    July 10
    1:40 pm

    President Obama was in fact NEVER a/the Governor of any state. @@

    He was a Seator for/from the state of Illinois.


  • Huh. Perhaps she quit because so far her pregnant daughter has been held up as an example of Palin’s failed parenting, accused of claiming a Down’s syndrome baby that is actually her daughter’s, had her thirteen year old daughter basically called a whore when she attended a baseball game in NY and herself been accused of ethics violations for wearing a coat with a logo on it at a snowmobiling photo op.
    Even those who don’t like Palin much have called lawsuits against her for ethics violations “frivolous” but the Alaskan state government still has to pay to fight them.
    Her constant statement has been that she quit because the intense scrutiny that the national stage brought her followed her to Alaska and not in a good way.
    She seems to bring out VERY strong feelings from those who disagree with her. Much like Hilary Clinton.
    What is that?
    If I were Sarah Palin, I’d be pissed at both sides of the aisle–the liberals for going after my kids in such an ugly way and the conservatives for passively aggressively shoving me to the side.


  • I can understand her frustration at the frivolous lawsuits and shots at her kids (who, like the Obama girls, should be off limits), and I appreciate her acknowledgement that there are personal and state financial burdens to consider. But media attention is part of the game and there’s some money in the coffers for these kinds of things as well as a “help the Palins fight the silliness” sorts of legal fundraisers.

    Her line about not wanting to be a lame duck governor is what got me wondering WTF? If no one knows you’re not planning on running again, no one will know you’re a lame duck until the last half year of your term. From now until then the governor *could* do a lot of good for the state because of the popularity she still holds here. Instead, we get a few weeks of her making trips around the state in what are essentially going away parties (my take on it, not any official designation) and at the Governor’s party at the end of the month our “lite” governor will be sworn in at the official bon voyage.

    Is this the nail in her political coffin? I don’t know, but I’m sure folks will revisit that abdication press conference more than a few times if she pops up in 2012 and still wonder what the hell she was saying. (Side note: isn’t 2012 the Aztec or Mayan end of the world?)


  • md
    July 12
    9:23 pm

    I agree with you.

    I think from her point of view, it’s all about her. It’s about what we can do for her, rather than what she can do for us. She doesn’t care about the job. She cares about the climb to the top and the attention.

    She strikes me as a selfish and extremely self-centered person.


  • Jess B.
    July 15
    2:31 pm

    Here’s the part where I disagree with you Kathy. Yes, I think kids in general should be off-limits, they rarely are in politics, but they should be. Unfortunately in Palin’s case, she’s shown she has no qualms about thrusting her kids into the public eye to gain further sympathies and support.

    I don’t think you can parade your children around for the media and then cry foul when they actually report on said kids. You just can’t have it both ways, sorry.


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