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So many cool things happened during those action packed days, that I’m positive I’m going to omit some of them, but here’s a smattering of what I remember (in no particular order):

(lots of pictures and snippets after the cut)

The literacy signing—got to meet and fangirl over Shiloh Walker, finally! (I mean, how long have I stalked… erm, interacted with this woman online? Years!) Also met and chatted for a few minutes with Tessa Dare and Maya Banks—sweet, smart, savvy women.

Kristie(J), one of the sweetest people ever, gave me a keycard to their room on Wednesday morning. Taking advantage of her kindness, I went back to the room after registration for a quick catnap and was pretty much asleep when the door opened and who would walk in but the awesome Wendy, Super Librarian? I jumped to my feet, startling the poor woman, as I yelled, “Wendy!” to which she replied, “Yes… and you are?” Heh. It’s a wonder she didn’t call security. Fortunately, I recovered my wits quickly enough to tell her who I was, and she was happy to see me—I think 😉

Wendy Super Librarian, surprised to see the crazy woman in her room 2

Having lunch with LBGregg, Rosie and Ann Aguirre on Saturday—intelligence, warmth and wit. Excellent! Along with Kristie(J), Rosie is one of the bloggers who made this, my first National Conference, the best of experiences. And please do count me among the many who have “girl crushes” on Lisabea 😀

Saturday lunch with three wonderful ladies - Lisabea aka LBGregg, Ann Aguirre and Rosie 2

Next time I’ll carry spare footwear with me at all times—giftshops at hotels everywhere indulge in a legalized form of highway robbery. Those neon and highly uncomfortable flip flops I mentioned earlier are the most expensive of my life (then again, I’m told I’m cheap erm… frugal)

Attending the Rogue Digital Workshop on Thursday morning, wherein I finally met Jane Litte, Silver James, Kelly Maher, K. A. Mitchell and other bloggers (forgive me, I’m blanking on names!)

K. A. Mitchell, Kelly Maher and Silver James at the Rogue Digital Workshop 2

Attending Carrie Lofty’s and Ann Aguirre’s PJ party on Wednesday evening, and meeting Juliana Stone *waving* Thank you for chatting with me!

Pajama Party Cynthia Eden, Beth Williamson, Lauren Dane and Laura Bradford, with Carrie Lofty and ... in the background 2

Finally meeting the Candy half of the Smart Bitches, and getting a copy of The Bosoms signed by her—happy dancing ensued. Getting that same copy of The Bosoms signed by SBSarah during the workshop-interruptus on online promotion, on Saturday.

Candy Tan - finally! Super loud squee! 2

Smart Bitch Sarah Wendell during the Online Promotion workshop, pre-fire alarm 2

Cracking up when the fire alarm went off as Jane was trying to teach us Luddites how to publish an ebook—and having SBSarah explain that Jane’s hotness caused it. Hiking down eight flights (yes, you read that right—down eight flights of stairs from a room that is at lobby level for the rest of the hotel, WTF????) erm…. Sorry, side-tracked for a moment there, where was I? Ah, yes, hiking down eight flights of stairs with all the panelists and the people in the room until reaching the street, where the workshop was continued. Then, getting back to the room to find it even more packed than before the alarm, and having them finish it there.

Online promotion workshop outside - Carrie Lofty, Ann Aguirre, SB Sarah Wendell, Jane Litte and Barbara Caridad Ferrer 2

Online Promotion workshop, back into an even better attended workshop 2

Meeting writer of medieval romances Elaine Knighton on Friday morning over the continental breakfast, discussing signs**, mermaids, writing, publishing, life and online communities—and not realizing until hours later that the lovely lady who asked to sit at our table during this discussion was Thea Devine. Who, by the way, was kind enough to take our picture. (You are free to imagine the *face palm* moment I had when I saw her at her publisher’s signing—and how much I appreciated that she simply smiled and signed a book for me.)

Elaine Knighton - breakfast on Friday -- ROCK ON! 2

Trekking to the Bitches Bootleg Booksigning from the main lobby with Tessa Dare—and meeting her quite often pretty much everywhere every day of the conference. (By the way, another beautiful and talented person—not fair, people, so not fair!)

Tessa Dare (the gorgeous one on the right) at the Literacy Signing 2

Waiting ‘till the end of Nora Roberts’ chat, walking up to the table and handing her a jar of my orange and sugar homemade cookies—without even having the wits to identify myself. (Okay, this is memorable only because it highlights how much of a nitwit I am—and because it was Nora Roberts *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*)

Sitting with Kristie(J) at both luncheons—laughing and crying, and laughing until we cried. (Linda Howard’s mother is my goddess of preparedness now, by the way.)

Yours truly, Kristie(J) and Barbara at the Keynote Luncheon 2

Fangirly moments with Lisabea/LBGregg—have I mentioned yet that this is another truly gorgeous woman? She is.

Meeting Pam Rosenthal (who hey, won a Rita later that day! Humongous congrats, Ms Rosenthal!) and Anna Campbell at their publishers’ signings.

Pam Rosenthal! 2

Anna Campbell on the right (third time is a charm, indeed) 2

Also, meeting Julie James, Meredith Duran, Sherry Thomas, Virginia Kantra, and many others at their publishers’ signings and having them know my handle!

Julie James take two 2

Meredith Duran, take two (success) 2

Sherry Thomas on the right, yay! 2

Virginia Kantra with her gorgeous Sea Lord poster 2

Meeting the gorgeous (and not easily scared 😉 ) Carolyn Jewel—and making sure I got photographic evidence for Rosie that she, too, met her.

Carolyn Jewel on the right, the lovely (and not easily scared) 2

Rosie and Carolyn Jewel (here's your proof, people!) 2

Talking books, romance, the writing community, blogging, reading, and more, with any and all people I met throughout the conference, wherever we happened to be standing. For example, while waiting in line to pay for our signed books at the literacy signing, I spent a most engrossing twenty or so minutes in conversation with Barbara Caridad Ferrer.

Having the exact same shoes as Barbara for the Ritas ceremony—and having the pictures to prove it!***

Sitting with Beth Williamson for about an hour at the Moonlight Madness Bazaar on Thursday—may I say that her husband makes amazing jewelry? Very original, with silver, gold and copper chain mail worked into many of the pieces. And Ms Williamson is a lovely, lovely lady. More brains and beauty, people.

Beth Williamson with her husband's amazin jewelry at the Moonlight Madness Bazaar 2

The lovely and generous lady ahead of me in the line to get books signed by Melissa Marr. When I said that I was sad because I was hoping to get the first book in the series signed to my daughter, she gave the copy she was holding (the last one) to me. I can’t get over how genuinely generous that was. Thank you again, unknown lady, I can’t tell you what this means to me.

Meeting Victoria Janssen while in line for one of the publishers’ signings (gah, I forget which one—Grand Central?) with Aymless—the focused one 😀

Harrassing the most patient Lindsay Sands during her publisher signing, until she signed my program. She was one of the authors whose boxes of books had been stolen from the hotel warehouse (along with those of several other authors, Keri Armstrong and Melissa Marr among them, if I remember correctly)

RWA 09 program, signed 2

Seeing the gracious and lovely Olivia Gates, Lauren Dane, Barbara Caridad Ferrer, Alyssa Day, Cynthia Eden, Gennita Low, Jackie Kessler, Laura Bradford and Angela James again—several times, yay me!

(If you think I’m overusing the word “lovely” it’s because you haven’t met any of these ladies—beautiful, talented, kind, generous, they personify the word)

**check out the freaky section here

***check out the funny section here

edited to change the picture of Rosie with Sherry Thomas for that of Rosie with Carolyn Jewel. (I need some sleep)


  • Oh, AztecLady, how could you forget me when we saw each other so often during the conference?!?!? Waahhhh!!!! Oh, wait, I was going by three different names at the same damn time, wasn’t I? No wonder you got confuzzled 😉 I’m the one sitting between K.A. & Silver at the Rogue Digital Workshop 🙂 It was great to meet you and I hope I get a chance to run into you at a conference again!


  • My humblest apologies, Ms Maher–I did remember you and your name IS in the caption of the picture in my computer, I cannot believe I left it out of the post *face palm*

    May I claim conference brain at this late date?


  • Part of the reason I was so surprised to see AL in our room (besides the fact that I didn’t know who she was yet) was because the door to our room wasn’t shut all the way. The darn thing liked to “stick” and you literally had to pull on the handle to make sure it shut all the way. So I come back to the room to dump off my goodies from the Librarian Event, and hello? Who is sitting in my room? It’s AztecLady! LOL


  • Great pictures! Like the Butch t-shirt. We were matching the night of the literary signing.


  • Azteclady, it was such a delight to meet you! You’re right, we seemed to bump into one another every time we turned around, and it was always a very happy thing. Your smile was like a ray of light that followed me around the Marriott. 🙂 And thank you so much for getting me to the Bosoms signing, or I would have wandered the hallways lost forever!


  • Great photos, AL ! Thanks for sharing your RWA experience here. The photos are great and so is your obvious joy over meeting all these lovely bloggers and authors!


  • Hell, *I’m* still claiming recovery mode! I’m only now just coming out of the fog 😀


  • Thanks for sharing the photos, AL!


  • Great pictures, AztecLady!!! And I will happily repeat myself in saying it was such a pleasure to meet you 🙂 LOL, I’ll remember the “shoe incident” forever 😉


  • That was a fun twenty minutes! It sure made that Very Scary Line go by a lot faster! I’m so glad you made it to the conference Az– while yeah, it’s aimed more at writers than readers, I can’t imagine a better environment in which to just sit and talk books.

    (And OMG, my feet STILL hurt days after those eight flights. And we didn’t even get cute firefighters for our trouble!)


  • So awesome! thanks for sharing! Glad you had such a great trip!


  • Your posts on RWA were awesome and not just cuz I was in some of the pictures. Heh. It was a delight to meet you. I’m saving for Nashville too…even though I’m not entirely sure I’m going. I know, I know, who’m I kidding right?

    Can’t wait!


  • Oooooh – more pics. I chuckled the whole week at the thought of Wendy coming back to the room and seeing a strange person sleeping in the chair. I kept thinking of Goldilocks and the three bears (someone’s been sleeping in my bed) – you being Goldilocks of course – even though your locks aren’t goldi.
    And like Kelly – I’m only just now recovering. I had someone point out a couple of things I missed at work last week and my only excuse was I was only working at about 65% capacity.


  • Meeting you was one of the magical highlights of the conference for me, Lady Azteca! Thank you for listening and sharing so much. It was fabulous!


  • Wendy, admit it, you were scared of the crazy woman shouting your name 😉 (and have I mentioned yet how much envy I harbor in my heart for all your librarian-only-event goodies?)

    Hi, Katiebabs! Yes indeed we were! I love the t-shirt, but mostly I just love Butch, he’s a wonderful character 😀

    Ms Dare, thank you *blushing* it was entirely my pleasure.

    Christine, it was really great–we need to get you to Nashville, woman!

    Ms Maher, thank you! I feel like I lost more than half my brain cells somewhere between here and DC!

    *waving* Hi, Ms Jaye!

    Barbara, me too! What are the odds, right? 😀

    Ms Ferrer, I must say again that your shoes were great but yeah *wince* going down eight flights of stairs wasn’t so great, I’m sure. And I vote we write to the Marriott to complain the lack of firefighters!

    Jessica, wish you could have made it!

    Rosie, we both know you won’t be able to resist! (and by the by, I edited the post to add the correct picture of you and Ms Jewel *sigh* I seriously need more sleep!)

    Kristie(J), I know! I’m scary, I tell you! And I’m still half-dead from the trip.

    Ms Knighton, welcome to KKB! 😀 it was great meeting you! Now, don’t be a stranger, please!


  • Ah, so your partner in crime was Aymless!

    It was lovely to meet both of you. That was the best line I stood in for the whole conference.


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