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I stole this Dilemma Friday from the Creole In DC blog:

You’re divorced, and your hubby has re-married. You have children together, and you retain a good co-parenting relationship.

You and his wife get on well enough, and you don’t have a problem with her.

During a family celebration, you overhear your ex’s wife talking about something that happened when they first started dating. You realise that the wife thinks that you were legally separated at the time. In actual fact you weren’t. You also recall that your husband was always travelling, supposedly for work. You realise now that he was really going to see her.

This happened more than ten years ago, but you still feel a little hurt, because he was obviously lying to both of you the whole time.

What do you do? Do you A, confront your ex about his lying, B, do you tell his new wife about his lies, or C, do you leave it alone seeing as it was over ten years ago?