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I blogged about the whitewashing of the cover for Liar a couple of weeks back.

It went from this:

Liar by  Justine Larbalestier

To this:

New Liar Cover

Larbalestier writes:

As you’ve probably heard by now Liar is getting a new cover for its publication in October.1 First Bloomsbury considered going with the Australian jacket of Liar and specifically with the black and red version you can see here because that would be the easiest thing to do. The design already exists after all and the window to make the change was very narrow.

However, given the paucity of black faces on YA covers, and the intensity of the debate around the original Liar cover, Bloomsbury felt really strongly that a more representative approach was needed. Rather than using a stock photo, Bloomsbury went the whole hog and did a photo shoot.

Well, it just shows that shitstorms and public outcries sometimes do work.