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Ron Bath/Business First
Ron Bath/Business First

From Shiloh Walker‘s blog: (more…)

We might as well continue with this week’s theme eh?

This week’s dilemma is as follows:

You run a very popular blog, that’s visited by all and sundry, far and wide. In order to keep the blog running, you post adverts on the site. By doing this, you generate fairly good revenue that enables you to run competitions, and do other pretty nifty stuff.

One day, you get a request from an author who as well as writing the kind of stuff that you mightily disapprove of, also has a history of being an asshole online. You really don’t like this woman.

Your top advertising spot is available, and she’s willing to pay.

What do you do? Do you take her money, because you figure that her greens are as good as anybody else’s, or do you tell her thanks, but no thanks, because you just don’t want her associated with your blog in any way?

What would you do?