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Ron Bath/Business First

From Shiloh Walker‘s blog:

On August 4, heavy rains caused flooding in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.  The Louisville Free Public Library’s main branch was hit hard and the damages are estimated at $1 million $5 million (per the Courier Journal on 8/6/09).

I’m putting together a book drive in effort to help.

How you can help:


  • Donations of new books, all genres.
  • Information about monetary donations can be found at WFPL.

Authors & Publishers:

  • Donations of both signed and unsigned books.  All genres, from children’s books to romance to non-fiction, etc, etc.
  • Signed books can be used in fundraiser purposes.  Unsigned books can be used to help replenish the books that were lost due to the flood.

I have spoken with somebody with the library** and at this time, they have no place to store books.  However, I’m close and I will keep the books at my house until they are able to take them.

For those wishing to donate books, please send them to:

Shiloh Walker

PO Box 976

Jeffersonville, IN47131

Feel free to repost this information in its entirety.

Shiloh Walker

**Please note, I did speak with library personnel before I started this bookdrive.  I realize they had no storage/no way to process books, which is why I’m holding them for the time being, and I did discuss that with library personnel as well.  Several members of the library do have my contact info, should they have concerns, and none have contacted me.

We will update this information as we know more, but we encourage folks to visit Ms Walker’s blog for to the minute details on the situation.


  • Thank you!


  • I think I might be caught in a spam filter or something-posted earlier to say thanks, and it never showed… so thanks. 🙂


  • Thank you, Karen and Shiloh, for telling us about this. Funnily enough, I was just going through my books last week, realising I had several to give away. Now they’ll have a home.


  • Randi
    August 14
    5:34 pm

    Hmmmm…I see several weekends of garage sale-ing to find books for Louisville’s library. Thank you, Shiloh, for coordinating this.


  • I’m sending a few items.


  • SamG
    August 15
    11:23 pm

    So, if I were to go through all my books (and my library isn’t that abundant) do you want the used paperbacks? Do they have to be new? Hardback?



  • Sam, I’m not requiring new, however they do need to be in good shape. I’m not going to give anything to that library that looks like it’s been heavily read/bad shape/etc. Paperbacks or hardbacks make no difference to me as long as they are in good shape.


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