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welcome back


I am so happy to ‘see’ her. I think it’s been well over a year since she last blogged.

I emailed her loads over the past year, because I was really worried about her. The thing with blogging is, people can up and disappear, and you may never hear from them again. It’s happened a couple of times already, and if I like that person, I tend to worry about them, Maili, I’m looking at you!.

Monica was such a staunch voice in RomLand, she was honest and direct, and you always knew where you stood with her. Gosh it’s lovely to have her back.

She’s had a terrible time of it, having to deal with serious health issues, so she doesn’t quite sound her usual chirpy self, but hopefully that will change soon.

Anyway, go and say hi, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

(I already tried posting a comment, but it didn’t show up for some reason, I’ll try again though. Monica, you may need to check your spam queue, because I think that’s where my comment went. In fact, I think you may find that quite a few other comments have ended up in your Akismet spam filter too.)


  • Monica
    August 16
    1:13 pm

    It’s great to be back. Your site is the same! That’s very comforting 🙂

    You’re right, I updated my ancient wordpress and all the comments were eaten. The culprit was a plugin called wordpress hashcash.

    Askimet is far too nice to do something like that 🙂


  • Thanks for letting us know Monica Jackson’s blogging again. I’ve missed her. Also nice to know I’m not the only one who misses Maili’s blog. Twitter’s just not the same. 🙁



  • Oh, welcome back, Monica! 😀 I asked about the whereabouts of you a couple of months ago (when I returned). Good to know you’re slowly settling in.

    Amanda & Karen,
    I do have a blog, but not ready to publicise it openly because I’m still trying to get used to the changes in blogscape.


  • Maili~ Glad you’re back! There have certainly been changes in the Romancelandia Blogscape. Not sure how I like them either to tell you the truth. Hope all is well w/ you & yours. If you ever publicly blog again I hope you announce it widely- I’ve missed you (As have lots of others).



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