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Mrs Giggles has a blog up discussing the goodwill and fanfare that has surrounded Quartet Press, even though there has nary been a sampling of their wares.

Mrs G writes:

Hmm, not yet launched, but already featured on Dear Author and on the Tweet circuit with the pulse of the romance online community. Lots of buzz from various members of the online community. I’m tickled by how they are building momentum in the same way that Ravenous Romance did, only Ravenous Romance earned the ire of most of the online community even before they published anything. Compare that to the way Quartet Press seems to be earning lots of love even before having published anything, and I’m tickled because, you know, the working of Blog Land never ceases to fascinate me.

She makes a good point methinks. Let’s face it, when was the last time RomLand embraced an e-publisher before they were even open? (more…)

Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Dish has a regular column called The View From Your Sick Bed.

Basically readers write in to him about their experiences under the current health care system in the USA.

I’d like to do something similar here at KKB for a couple of weeks.

I’d like to post your stories daily if I can, but obviously much of this will depend on the feedback I get from you guys.

If you would like your health care experiences to be posted on here, please send me your stories via email: hairylemony @ gmail.com
(Do I really have to mention ‘without the spaces’?)

We’ve discussed health care in the USA at length here at KKB, so I will be re-posting some of the comments from those discussions.