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I read about this little boy over at Angry Black Bitch’s blog. It depressed me no end.

Whenever I hear about children who have gone missing, I can’t even begin to describe the anguish that overtakes me, and when I hear that the stories aren’t important enough to warrant front page spots in the local rag, I hate the press just a little bit more.
Apparently Hassani Campbell has been missing since Monday, but with the exception of Nancy Grace – God bless her right-wing soul – apparently there hasn’t been much interest in the case.

ABB ponders the vagaries of a media that doesn’t seem overly interested when black children go missing. (more…)

Readers share their experiences of health care in the USA.

A KKB regular writes:

My mom has a heart problem and diabetes, and we go from either her not having insurance at all, and my worrying if she’s even taking her medications, to her having insurance, paying crazy amounts, and then having it not cover any of her medications as a “pre existing” condition. (Which is why the late Ellora’s Cave checks infuriated me. It’s not that they were depriving me of the latest gadget/spending money. They were depriving my mother of her live saving medicines, because when things get tough, I buy mom’s medicine for her.)

My father died of cancer, and I feel that he might have lived, or we at least might have had more time with him (diagnose to death time = three months) if he’d had quality insurance/better coverage.

If you wish to share your own health care experiences, please email me at hairylemony @ gmail.com