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Readers share their experiences of health care in the USA.

A KKB regular writes:

No one says that the American brand of universal healthcare has to an exact copy of the UK’s NHS or any other country. All of these country’s programs are great starting points and there’s no reason they can’t be improved upon by our policy makers. Personally, I’m quite fond of the idea of being able to access the same insurance plan provided to members of the senate and congress. I’d almost bet the farm their health insurance policy isn’t as shitty as mine.


Random Question of The Day No 4356…

Saturday, August 22, 2009
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Would you stick to the same career if you could have a do-over?

If I could have a do-over, I think I would go into the fashion industry. Not making the clothes. I think I’d fancy being a fashion buyer for one of the big houses.

What career would you choose if you could go back?